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Lipstick on the Rim: How Your Clubbing Days Prepare You For Motherhood With The #MOMTRUTH Queens Cat & Nat – Get Ready To Laugh


Meet The Plastics – Mom Edition. Today we have Cat & Nat, the #MOMTRUTH icons that normalize motherhood struggles and make you laugh through it all. And we mean laugh. Get ready to be cracking up as they share how your clubbing days prepare you for motherhood. We discuss why you have to earn confidence, how they blew up the internet with their viral videos, and why every Momma needs a BFF. This episode is for you if you’re not a regular mom but a cool mom. 

Listen here for the full episode:

[Cat & Nat] On How The Club Prepares You For Motherhood 

Molly, Emese, Cat, & Nat start the episode by cracking up over Cat & Nat’s viral Clubbing and Motherhood video. They mention how:

    • You never get any sleep.
    • There is always someone in your bed that wasn’t there when you went to bed.
    • Drinks get spilled on you everywhere and anywhere.
    • Someone always has their clothes off.
    • You don’t eat until super late.
    • It’s so loud all the time.
    • You can’t go to the bathroom on your own, and there’s always drama in the bathroom.
    • It takes forever to get out of the house.
    • You never get any personal space, and someone is always someone touching you.
    • There is always someone barfing.
    • Someone is always doing something naughty/nasty.

[Cat & Nat] On Becoming Cat & Nat

“We are huge on dreaming, and this all started at our house drinking wine. We became very close during motherhood. We always knew we were meant to do something more, and we kept trying things. We booked our shows because our PR team wouldn’t let us go on tour without proving we could sell out shows.

“You don’t need a husband. You need a wife.”

[Cat & Nat] On Building Your Confidence

“We were bad girls growing up. We found our way through bumps and hardships. Everyone knows everyone where we’re from, and we’ve learned that you have to earn confidence. You can’t just give that to your kids as much as we’d like to. Every experience we have had got us here. We weren’t always accepted.”

[Cat & Nat] On Getting in The Pool

Emese mentions a video they made about being a mom and getting in the pool. “All everyone is worried about is their own body. So get in the pool. Your kids won’t remember what you looked like. They’ll remember that you got in the pool and played with them.”

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