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Lipstick on the Rim: Not Skinny But Not Fat AKA Amanda Hirsch Is Giving Us An All-Access Pass To Celebrity Drama, Reality TV, & How Not To Get Blocked By A Celebrity


Need a dose of the latest and greatest in pop culture? Today we’re chatting with the host of Not Skinny But Not Fat, Amanda Hirsch. We discuss the hottest (and not so hot) celebrity drama, Reality TV, and how not to get blocked by a celebrity—Amanda also shares how she manifested her obsession with celebrity gossip into a full-time job. Prepare to be in tears as she walks us through her journey & explains her “small following.”

Listen here for the full episode:

[NSBNF] On Building Her Cult-Following

Molly starts the episode by asking Amanda about her Instagram handle. “How did you come up with that name?” asks Molly. “Okay, I hate the name now,” Amanda admits. “I think it was literal for me when I started. I started with memes, and I felt my whole life that I wasn’t skinny, and I wasn’t fat. I was average. And I struggled with that at times, but I also accepted it. Some people get triggered by not skinny but not fat. It’s not negative. In today’s age, I wish it wasn’t the name and, to be honest, it doesn’t relate to pop-culture.”

Molly asks when she knew this was her calling. “I always knew. I used to go to the supermarket to help my mom, and I’d go to where the cashier was to look at the magazines. That was when the headlines were actual lies. It was terrible, but I would read the magazines, and I always envisioned hosting and interviewing celebrities. I was manifesting this to happen my whole life. I just didn’t know the vehicle.”

[NSBNF] On Her Alter-Egos

“So you have quite a few names and alter egos you go by. Can you explain them to our listeners?” asks Molly. “I covered a lot of Kardashian stuff,” explains Amanda. “I love them, and I started getting their press packages, and Kim followed me on Instagram. Many people try to play it cool, and for me, it’s like no, I’m a fangirl for fucking life. I let everyone in when Kourtney commented and Kim followed me. And now I include myself in the family. I’m KaManda. And LaManda started when I went to LA a few weeks ago, and I started dressing differently. LaManda wears trench coats, and I thought I was Hailey Beiber. My DM’s were blowing up with Lamanda.”

[NSBNF] On Her Favorite Kardashian

“This is a hard one because it was Kourtney. She’s so goth and living life, but people didn’t get her for years and years. Look at her street style. It’s the most relatable. Could you imagine wearing what Kim & Khloe are wearing? She always had funny liners with Scott. So I was stanning her very hard. Then I loved Kravis, but Kim has won me over lately. She can make fun of herself. That’s what’s so great about this family. They can make fun of themselves. If it’s funny they’ll love it. Kim’s a hardcore businesswoman, and she also gives back. She helped people get out of life in prison. You can’t say she isn’t trying to use her power for good. I put her on a pedestal this year. I do love Khloe. Lamar Odom is on celebrity big brother, and he’s talking about Khloe a lot there. He said he thought she would be here. He’s still on Khloe, and he still wants to make amends. It makes sense because she was there for him, even though he was found in a brothel, and she wanted to take care of him. He’s talking about her a lot. But she’s almost too good and too nice. She needs to have a little b*tchiness.”

[NSBNF] On Kanye, Julia Fox, Kim, & Pete Davidson

“I think when Kanye and Kim announced the divorce, it looked nice. She was supporting him at Donda. And then I think when she started dating Pete his ego started spiraling. It looks like when he started with Pete, he did not like that. He’s even doing messy moves. The Julia Fox thing and how public it is. But I have to say Julia Fox won the lottery. It’s a good time to be friends with Julia.”

“Kanye was also seen with a Kim look alike. She’s literally dressing up like Kim. She’s been wearing a catsuit top to bottom, her glasses, and covering up her fingers. It was a complete Kim look alike. It’s very messy, and I want to cover it, but it’s so sad at the same time.”

“I do love Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox,” explains Molly. “So many people would have sex with MGK. His sex appeal really gets women going,” says Molly. “He’s too dirty for you, Molly, and most women are like give me that cigarette breath. There was a TikTok where it said are they hot, or is he hotter because of her,” explains Amanda.

[NSBNF] On Motherhood

Molly asks Amanda how motherhood has changed how she works. “When you’re a mom. Even though it’s 0-100. It just happens. Immediately when he was born I was like this is it now. My husband was the one who wanted to have a baby. It’s not that I didn’t like kids. I just hadn’t gotten to where I wanted to be in my career yet. When he was born it really started. I promised that I would keep doing what I wanted to when I had a baby. And that’s what happened. It’s tough to do everything, but being a mom is hard.”

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