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Lipstick on the Rim: Adult Acne Treatments & Pimple Secrets That Are Actually Worth The Hype With The Pimple Expert Dr. Pimple Popper


Have you ever had a big event coming up, and a MASSIVE zit appears just in time to ruin everything? Insert – Sandra Lee or more formally known as Dr. Pimple Popper. Sandra is known for her widely appreciated and satisfying pimple popping videos, and this week she’s sharing three easy steps to healing a zit & FAST. You won’t want to miss her major tips for curing “wisdom spots”, her thoughts on current dermatology & plastic surgery trends, and all her pimple popping secrets. Stay tuned for her skincare rapid-fire, where Molly asks her every skincare question you’ve ever wondered.

Disclaimer: Please always consult your doctor or dermatologist before trying new products/procedures.

Listen to the full episode here:

[Sandra Lee] On Building Dr. Pimple Popper

“I am actually not a pop-a-holic. I am a born-again pop-a-holic. I started out with basic blackheads, and I noticed it got great traction. The videos got boosted engagement because they would tag their friends – even if they liked popping zits or not. Blackheads gave me the opportunity to show that dermatologists do so much more than just popping pimples.”

“Dermatology has a huge psychology component. All of us get that feeling. To feel like you aren’t yourself. I aim to empower people physically and emotionally.”

[Sandra Lee] On Knowing When To Get Poppin’

“The reason zits hurt is that they expand and then there is also pressure. There is a very specific time to pop a pimple. When we pop too early, we make it bigger and inflamed, and the deeper it is under the skin the more risk for hyperpigmentation.”

[Sandra Lee] On Treating Melasma

“Melasma is more common in females and really driven by the sun, heat, and hormones. It can be really hard to prevent. Taking Tranexamic acid orally can make insane transformations. You have to be careful if you have a history of blood clots, but I have seen amazing results.”

[Sandra Lee] On Nixing Stubborn Ingrown Hairs

“Ingrown hairs happen in areas when you have more curly hair. You should not pluck that hair, try to shave it with the grain of the hair. Laser hair removal really helps with that.”

[Sandra Lee] Skincare Rapid Fire

  1. What must-have ingredient should be everyone’s skincare routine? Sunscreen
  2. How often should I exfoliate? It depends on your skin type. If you’re oily you should exfoliate more and if you’re dry, you should exfoliate less.
  3. Should my morning skincare routine be different from my nighttime skincare routine? It should not be the same.
  4. Does everyone need a toner? No, not everyone needs a toner. 
  5. When should you start using retinol? The earlier the better.
  6. Is caffeine good for your skin? Caffeine is great because it constricts the blood vessels.
  7. When and how often should you see a dermatologist? When you have an issue with your skin.
  8. Best way to treat dark spots? Depends on what it’s from. 
  9. Mineral or chemical sunscreen? Both.

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