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Lipstick On The Rim: WTF is In My Wine: Lose Weight, Build Better Gut Health, & Drink Hangover Free Wine With Todd White


Today we sit down with the ultimate wine connoisseur, Todd White. Todd is the founder of Dry Farm Wines, an incredible company dedicated to curating an elite selection of organic wine. He’s sharing the big dark secrets of the wine industry. And get ready to be mind blown. You will definitely think twice about your wine choices after this episode. We discuss Dry Farm Wine’s rigorous certification process, how many additives are FDA approved, and how wine companies get away with not disclosing what ingredients are in your wine.

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[Todd] On Organic Wine

“The real problem starts with money and greed. Most food products are controlled by 9 or 10 companies. The same thing has happened in the wine industry. They are not in the business of making wine better or healthier, it’s about making it faster and cheaper. Most wines in grocery stores are made by only a few companies. There are 3 large wine conglomerates hiding behind labels saying they’re a cute farmhouse. All wines were natural in their fermentation up until about 50 years ago. We’ve been farming with chemicals since 1925, and Glyphosate is a real problem with wine.”

“Natural wine can build better gut health.”

“There are 76 additives approved by the FDA to put in wine. There are no contents labels on a wine bottle and there is no nutrition label on it either. They don’t disclose how much sugar is in each bottle because legally they don’t have to. The wine industry spent millions of dollars to keep contents labeling off of wine bottles. They don’t want to disclose what I’m telling you is in the wine. We are the only company that does lab testing on wine.”

“Natural wines are always biodynamic or organically farmed, farms with lunar cycles; always fermented with wild indigenous native yeast (in each vineyard there is indigenous yeast in the vineyard. All berries have a white waxy film. Tham is yeast. That is collected naturally in that vineyard. Used to ferment the wine in spontaneous fermentation. Commercial wines do not use this native yeast. Fermentation with GMO lab-cultured yeast – because they can’t make wine in large quantities and a native yeast will die in higher alcohol, can make different flavors through the yeast) additive-free

[Todd] On Dry Farm Wines Certification Process

“In order to be approved at our company, the wine has to be sugar-free. Our company also chooses wines that are lower in alcohol. In the US average is almost 15%. We don’t sell anything over 12.5%. People like to drink Tequila thinking it is clean when it has a 45% alcohol level.”

“Alcohol is a domino drug. It’s a slippery slope. I want to have a great buzz and be open and vulnerable without getting hammered. Alcohol can help raise that euphoria of love and that’s what I want to happen.

“I care deeply about extending my life span. I generally drink a bottle of wine a day and have zero impact from it. Alcohol adds density and weight to the wine. At Dry Farm Wines our wine is lighter and fresher. I challenge you to drink our wines for a week and then go back to the old wines.”

“Excess alcohol causes dehydration”

[Todd] On His Favorite Wines

“I like to drink wines with a super low alcohol of 8-11%. I love a light skimmed very light red wine. I also love white wines that are easy to drink and lovely. I want it to be fresh and light and super food-friendly.”

[Todd] On Drinking Wine & Weightloss

“Everybody is a little different but the overproduction of insulin AKA the consumption of too much sugar can cause you to gain weight. I personally, care very much about the sugar I consume. I care very much about my blood glucose. I like to wear a glucose monitor on the back of my arm.”

[Todd] On What He Eats in a Day

“I do a 22 hour intermittent water fast. In doing this I burn ketones as my main source of energy. It takes a lot of energy to digest food, and I think every meal should be fulfilling. Last night I had a cheeseburger with no bun, I don’t eat bread, a salad, and french fries. I also love a bowl of french onion soup with no bread, salad with bacon and a poached egg, and a grilled steak with a glass of wine.”

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