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Lipstick On The Rim: 2022 Trends Explained: Every Food, Beauty, Fitness, & Health Trend That You’re Guaranteed To Try, Love, & Make Part of Your Routine This Year


Do you want an all-access pass to all the upcoming trends for 2022? Consider this episode your guide to everything you’ll be trying & obsessing over this year. From food and health to beauty and fitness, we asked the experts. Kate Spies from the trusted and iconic source Well + Good joins us to spill on all their annual trend report. She’s sharing the next generation of beauty devices, why there’s a return to skin minimalism, and the exact makeup products to keep an eye out for – spoiler alert, there will be glitter. We dive into what exercises you’ll be obsessing over this year and the latest noodle you’ll be using in all your dishes this year. Run don’t walk.

Listen to the full episode here:

[Kate] On Skincare Trends

Kate begins the episode by chatting about the upcoming skincare trends. She describes that in 2020 we started seeing the trend of at-home beauty devices. This year we’ll be seeing, “the next generation of beauty devices.” She mentions the Clarisonic as an affordable one she loves. She also predicts a lot of LED devices, like the Dr. Dennis Gross LED MaskSkin GymDeesse LED Mask, and the Georgia Louise Glo Pro. Kate also mentions that she loves the Ziip and predicts it will be huge in 2022.

When it comes to face masks Kate describes that “we will be moving away from single-use sheet masks and wipes for environmental reasons.” And as for overall skin care, we will be having:

“A return to skin minimalism.”

“A lot of people have sensitized their skin because they have used too many products, which ended up making them more dry and even redder. Several Dermatologists are saying their patient’s skin is all very hypersensitive. We will see brands release more products for sensitive skin with more calming and anti-inflammatory ingredients. In 2022 we won’t feel the need to buy 15 products just the core 4 – cleanser, SPF, moisturizer, and retinol.”

Molly and Emese ask about her current skincare routine. Kate mentions how her routine is very simple. She loves the Avene tolerance moisturizer, the Skinceuticals Retinol, and the Vitamin C from Drunk Elephant.

[Kate] On Makeup Trends

“This year we will see Black earned brands taking more shelf space in beauty and with haircare as well. We also will play into the idea of people having fun with makeup again. After staying in people are now excited to play with makeup again. There will be lots of brow, eye products, eye shadows, lash treatments. We’re also seeing a lot of gender-neutral beauty. Beauty brands that are designed for all genders and marketed to all genders.”

[Kate] On Haircare Trends

“Personalized hair care will continue strong this year. We will also see a push for scalp care because it is so important. We are also going to see a push for waterless hair care. When it comes to hair growth products like Nutrafol will be flying off the shelves.”

[Kate] On Fitness Trends

“Over the last 18 months fitness has been accelerated by a decade. They have moved to the hybrid approach. This year there will be a push for that personalization. We have realized what we were missing and that was in-person coaching and classes. As for a specific modality, everyone is trying a little bit of everything. We are still embracing low-intensity training because it is more restorative. Spinning will show its staying power because so many people bought bikes during covid, but people continue to try a bit of everything. All large digital trainers are trying to offer everything so you can go with what feels right on a particular day.”

[Kate] On Health Trends

“We have turned away from restrictive dieting. People are very interested in plant-based eating with keeping an eye towards sustainability. Kelp is being used in everything. Seaweed has been used for a long time but kelp is in everything right now.” Emese shares the Kelp noodles she’s been using as fake soba noodles.

“Juice is back but leaving the detox behind. We are trying to eat whole foods. You’re going to see local juice shops are popping up that are creating great things with fruit. While keeping in mind your juice doesn’t have to replace a meal.”

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