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5 Cold Weather Accessories to Keep You Warm and Chic 

By Caitlin Burnett

We all know the basics for winter—coats, puffers, sweaters—but it’s the accessories game that can really make or break your outfit. And while we’re not going to sacrifice style for comfort, thankfully, a few cold-weather accessories are trending that check both boxes.

From shearling-lined boots to leather gloves and oversized scarves, below are the 5 accessories you’ll want in your rotation this season. With the help of these key accessories, you’re guaranteed to stay warm and look chic all winter long. 


Oversized Scarves

Not only are plush, oversized scarves a major winter 2021 trend, but they also happen to be super functional. They add extra insulation around your chest, neck, and face area—all of which are key to keeping your body feeling protected in colder temperatures. Whether you choose a knit texture, cozy cashmere, or thick wool, an XL scarf adds a cozy touch to your outfit instantly. Plus, it doubles as a mask if you happen to forget yours so it’s really a win-win. 

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Knit Fingerless Gloves

Arm warmers, wrist warmers, fingerless gloves—whatever you want to call them, you want a pair of these this winter. That awkward area of exposed skin between the end of your sleeve and your glove or mitten will be your Achilles heel in frigid temps, so protect your wrist with a pair of chic knit arm warmers. They also add a fun pop of texture to your outfit, perfectly juxtaposed to your coat or sweater. Oh, and bonus points: you can keep them on while you use your phone. 

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Leather Gloves

Is there anything chicer than a sleek, fitted pair of leather gloves? They feel effortlessly chic and timeless while protecting your hands from the conditions, making them the ultimate winter accessory. Opt for classic black that pairs well with everything or a rich brown for a warm neutral contrast and you’ll be able to wear them with virtually every winter outfit. 

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Fuzzy Hats

Another major winter ‘21 trend is a cozy fuzzy bucket hat. You’ve probably already seen these all over Instagram, and they’re only poised to get bigger as the temperatures drop. These furry hats keep your head even warmer than you can imagine, plus they add a fun pop of texture to your outfit. They can also be dressed up or down with ease—add them to your coffee run sweatsuit outfit or just as seamlessly to your turtleneck and leather dinner look. 

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Sherpa-Lined Boots 

If you’ve never worn shearling-lined boots, your winter experience is about to change. These sherpa-insulated shoes feel like you have space heaters on your feet—seriously. They also fall into the apres-ski category that was all over the runways, so you’ll not only be warm and cozy but also perfectly on-trend. Slip into a pair this season. Your feet will thank you.  

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