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Molly Shares Her Mom’s Mouth-Watering Butter Cookie Recipe

By Hilary Sheinbaum

Family recipes often evoke childhood memories and inspire quality time with loved ones. For Molly, there is a butter cookie recipe that does just that. Her mom (a.k.a. Big Momma) would always make butter cookies with butter icing that aren’t just any ol’ baked good. They are a treat— and a tradition — that Molly treasures.

“She made them every year, and she would make them from scratch,” says Molly.

“It’s the best recipe. It brings me so much joy because everyone loves her butter cookies.”

The butter cookies are a fixture in the Stuber-Sims household, where Molly makes them with her three kids. “Everybody in my house is obsessed with them,” she says. And, for a more creative touch: each cookie can be dressed up for the holidays and customized accordingly. “You can make a reindeer, stocking, bells, or even ornaments.” 

One hot tip for decorating (after the cookies have baked and cooled): Set out bowls of icing with different sprinkles in each bowl. Then, you can have friends and family join in and make an afternoon into a butter cookie party. “It’s so fun,” says Molly. “You’re making memories.”

Speaking of memories of yesteryear, Molly recalls good times in the kitchen with her mom (who passed down her old rolling pins). But, there’s one caveat. “The only problem when you bake with someone who has done it for a very long time is they do it so fast, and they never use measuring cups!” she says.

Once the recipe is executed and the cookies are baked, there’s no wrong way to serve them! “They’re amazing served warm, cold, and everything in between,” says Molly. 

“It’s the perfect homemade butter cookie recipe,” says Molly.

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