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The 5 Skincare Trends You Need on Your Radar For Fall

By Sarah Jio

You know we love skincare around here, and it pains me to admit that it took me until my late twenties to wake up and smell the roses and actually take care of my skin, but we live and we learn, right? Well, the tides have turned, and now I’m a skincare nut. Like, bigtime. (My husband right now: “Do you really need all of those serums on our bathroom counter” My answer: Yes, honey, I do.)

Let’s just say, I’ve made up for lost time and in my constant search for the latest and greatest, I want to share the five hottest good-skin trends I’ve been tracking. Put these on your list for the fall (or right now!):


P Is for Peptides

I first heard about peptides when I was working for Glamour magazine years ago, where the in-house beauty writers were gaga for the ingredient. At the time, I was like, pep-what-tides? True, I was a full-time health writer, and this was back when, embarrassingly, skincare wasn’t high on my priority list, but now, oh … I get it. Quick primer: Peptides are made up of key amino acids that our skin needs to produce collagen and maintain a healthy barrier.

Yes, our skin naturally produces these ingredients, but, with age, they start to decline.

And! Yesterday’s peptides aren’t today’s peptides. In fact, they’ve gotten a big science-packed makeover recently (aka, smarter products, better results). I love Lumvi’s Radiance Brightening Peptide Serum Serum, which is packed with skin-firming and ultra-soothing molecules that get the job done.

Another fave? I’m totally geeking out about Aseir Custom’s line of concentrated copper peptide skincare. Nerd alert: They use a proprietary blend of peptides known as GHK-CU and Carbon 60 (C60)—that’s science-speak for the serum of the Gods. It not only smooths wrinkles and evens out skin tone, but it also helps tackle scars and wounds (just don’t tell my hubby how much I paid for it, though I do slather it on his skin each night).


Red Light Therapy

Estheticians have been singing the praises of LED light forever, but what used to be a luxury at the spa, is becoming more accessible to the rest of us (in other words, you can now get the same benefits at home without going into credit card debt). Why are we so smitten with red light? Because it works! And here’s how: LED light emits various wavelengths that penetrate different layers of the skin. For example, research has shown that blue-light blasts acne-causing bacteria, and red light—our perennial fave—helps boost collagen production and evens out discoloration and skin tone.

While some LED devices can set you back a pretty penny (I admit, I splurged on the Celluma thanks to rockstar facialist Joanna Czech’s recommendation, the latest LED devices promise equally effective results at a fraction of the price. One to try: Dr. Dennis Gross’s DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro.


Facial Oils for the Win

Admit it, you’re secretly terrified of putting anything oily on your skin. I was too, and for good reason: For years, we’ve been led to believe that oils lead to breakouts, and, um, who wants that? But, just like the low-fat diet fads of the 1990s were completely off-base, so is the fear of oil in skincare.

In fact, top estheticians are huge fans of oil.

Here’s why: Facial oils, applied as a final step—after serums and treatments—are an amazing way to deeply hydrate your skin, especially at night. My two favorites are Living Libations Seabuckthorn Best Skin Ever facial oil, which doubles as a cleanser and moisturizer, though I mainly use it as a final step in my evening skincare routine, and Vintner’s Daughter luscious Active Botanical Serum which is less of a serum and more of a super luxe facial oil. I keep both on my nightstand!


Supercharged Sunscreens (With Cult Followings)

By now, we all know how important it is to protect our skin from damaging UV rays. In fact, it’s dermatologists’ number one anti-aging tip, even if it doesn’t sound very sexy. The good news? SPF has gotten a mega makeover in the last year, and there are several newer, stand-out products that celebs and regular gals alike are raving about. (Code for: Toss that old bottle of goo and treat yourself to a better SPF—you deserve it, and your skin will thank you!)

For starters, the actress Miranda Kerr swears by Isdin’s mineral-based sunscreens that were developed by dermatologists to not only protect the skin, but also improve existing signs of sun damage (I use it, and love it!). Another to try, and  my absolute fave: La Roche-Posay Anthelios AOX Daily Antioxidant Serum With Sunscreen. It’s a light, serumy formulation that’s packed with UV protection and antioxidants.


Hope for Sensitive Skin Sufferers

I suffered from eczema as a child, and it kills me that my oldest son is dealing with the same thing right now. We’ve tried every lotion and cream under the sun to soothe his very sensitive and inflamed skin, and most products have been disappointing, to say the least. But, I’ve been very encouraged to see an uptick in new products focused on very specific—and difficult—skincare concerns, such as eczema.

One I’m super excited about is the new line from Eczema Honey, which is formulated with oats, honey and other skin-soothing (and cooling) ingredients—and now available in-store at Target. Another we love over here: Sorion Cream, which is formulated with skin-calming neem, turmeric and coconut oil. If you have an eczema sufferer in your life, try it!



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