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Lipstick on the Rim: It’s Time To F*cking Love Ourselves. Serena Kerrigan Shares Her Secrets To Mind Blowing Confidence


In this week’s episode of Lipstick On The Rim, we speak with The Queen of Confidence herself, Serena F*cking Kerrigan. Tune in to hear how Serena created the first Instagram Live dating show at the beginning of quarantine. Serena spills the tea on what it was really like to go on 50 first dates in front of thousands of people. Trust us, you don’t want to miss Serena’s must-have dating advice and confidence coaching tips.

[Serena] How Did Serena Kerrigan Become Serena F*cking Kerrigan

“I was 18 at the time and I went to Duke University. Every friend of mine was stunning, brilliant and a go get getter. I felt invisible. I felt like when we went out all the guys would look right past me. All of a sudden, my sense of self was really shook up. I was like, okay, I’m not beautiful enough. I really thought that about myself at the time, which is really sad that that girl felt that way. But I know that that’s very relatable. I was like, I’m not hot enough. My looks, arent going to cut it here, but I love being the center of attention. How am I going to get people to look at me to pay attention to me? Then I had this crazy light bulb idea, and I was like, I’m just gonna tell everyone that I changed my name legally to f*cking.”

[Serena] On Confidence 101

Serena gives us the low down on how she radiates confidence in her life. She says the key is to, “nurture the relationship with yourself the same way you would your husbands, your best friends, your coworkers and anyone in your life.” Serena goes on to describe how we interact and support others is what we need to do with ourselves. “What do you do with the people in your life? You lift them up. If they’re having a bad day, you say you got this.”

Let’s F*cking Date: Serena’s Instagram Live Dating Show 

In the midst of Covid lockdowns, Serena created her own personal dating show. “I started going live on Instagram because everyone was going live”, says Serena. “And I asked a friend to set me up on a blind date, and through the course of the entire show, I never knew who was going to be on the other side of the screen. So I just went live on Instagram and went on a date, and then a lot of people tuned in. It became this party because there was a comment section and it was insane. The audience kind of got to play God, cause they’d be like, let’s see his room. Does he have a gaming chair?”

[Serena] On Dating with Confidence

Molly & Emese ask Serena what dating has been like for her. They as if men are intimidated by her confidence or if they love it? “Ultimately, my person’s gonna love this about me”, Serena says. “I have to say, after dating 50 men this year, one of the number one things they said was like, ‘I’m so into you, because of your confidence, I wanted to do the show because your confidence is so hot’ because men want to be with a woman that doesn’t need them to validate that back.”

[Serena] On First Date Advice


Only cabinet two drinks.

“You don’t need to talk about all your exes and all the weird things you do behind closed doors. Don’t try and perform because at the end of the day, they’re going to know you and if it’s your person, they will love you for you.”


Be you, and also don’t take it too seriously.

“I think that dating has been marketing to us. There’s so much pressure to find a husband, and it really takes the fun out of it and also puts a lot of pressure to be perfect. Also, you’re not the one that’s being chosen. You’re the one who chooses.”


Ask questions and make sure they ask questions.

“It has to feel like a ping pong match. It has to feel like they want to get to know you. You have to ask questions, but they also have to be interested in you and ask questions also. If they don’t then it’s a no.”

[Serena] On The Importance of Self-Love & Dating Yourself 

“If you are in love with yourself and know that you’re worth, then you won’t settle”, Serena says. “To all women out there, you have to date yourself first. What does that mean? It means talking to yourself in the mirror, it means having your career in order, being financially independent and having amazing friends.”

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