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The Last 30 Minutes Of My Day: Sarah Chapman


The last thirty minutes before we shut our eyes and let our minds reset is crucial. It’s the time we take to complete our rigorous skincare routine and lather on our favorite serums. Sarah Chapman, founder, and CEO of Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare doesn’t mess around when it comes to her nighttime ritual. Check out how this skin whisperer ends her day before catching her beauty sleep.


10:00 PM

My evenings are currently spent at home! A typical night consists of a nice prepared dinner, catching up on the day over a glass of wine, and then relaxing with a good Netflix series. Usually, by 10 pm I am ready for bed which means I put my devices on charge and mentally switch off. I then give my little dog Sidney a big cuddle and a bedtime treat. Finally, it’s time to say goodnight and head upstairs to the bedroom.


10:05 PM

I peel off my clothes and then slather my body with my overnight treatment or lotion. I then apply my targeted Neck and Chest Rejuvenating Complex to treat aging and sun damage in this often-neglected area before I slip into my PJs. My favorite set is my striped pair by Olivia von Halle. They are super comfy and made of incredibly soft silk. For those that don’t know, silk helps to prevent aging, promote circulation, and keep your skin smooth. So not only are my PJs stylish, but they’re also working wonders for my skin whilst I sleep. It’s a double win.


10:10 PM

Next, is my evening skincare regimen. Although during lockdown I go makeup-free most days, a good cleanse is still essential and one of my favorite times in the day. The smell and pampering sensation is like a huge sigh of relief and I love how my skin feels after.  I try to incorporate a face massage technique to really work into tension areas before rinsing off. I then cocktail products together depending on how my skin is feeling, usually using one or two serums such as my Stem Cell Collagen Activator or Vitamin C ampoules, and I always follow with Eye Recovery and Overnight Facial.

At night, our skin switches into ‘repair mode’, and cell regeneration can double or even triple in speed. I created my Overnight Facial Elixir to support and enhance this natural process: firming peptides, rejuvenating vitamin A, and nourishing omega-rich oils hydrate, smooth, and brighten by morning. Plus, the natural jasmine, rose, frangipani, and tuberose scent helps to prepare both body and mind for sleep. I take a few minutes to massage in this silky serum-oil with my signature ‘gymnastics’ technique. This helps the powerful actives to penetrate deeper into the skin, reduce puffiness, and stimulate circulation to boost my skin’s overall health.


10:20 PM

My bedside table is like a pharmacy of bottles. Before I slip into bed, I take wellness drops and supplements to support skin health and aid relaxation. I then spritz my pillow with a pillow mist, spray the soles of my feet and lower legs with magnesium spray, roll muscle ease onto my neck and shoulders, rub Margaret Dabbs foot cream into my feet, and apply a lovely aromatherapy oil into the hands and forearms. (I like to do this so when I rest, I can inhale the relaxing scent).  Seems like a huge routine, but actually it’s super quick and prepares me for a cozy night. I also like to have a digital detox before bed, which means I don’t have phones or tablets in the bedroom. Blue light from screens can suppress the production of melatonin (the sleep hormone) and disrupt our body’s circadian rhythm, making it harder to sleep.


10:30 PM

Lights off! And some deep breathing to lull myself into relaxation. If I have troubling switching off, then a few minutes of meditation will do the trick. I also always rest my head on a silk pillowcase. Silk drapes delicately over your skin as you sleep and won’t pull on dry or sensitive areas. The smoothness of a silk pillowcase also helps keep your hair smooth and combats sleep lines. Every little thing helps!



Sarah Chapman is the founder, CEO, and product formulator of the award-winning skincare line Sarah Chapman. She strives to deliver to her clients and customers that Skinesis “glow at home” with innovative and powerful formulas that Molly personally swears by!

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