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6 Things To Help You Stay On Track to Reboot, Detox, & Reset For 2021

By Hilary Sheinbaum

With high hopes, 2021 began and our resolutions promptly started as well. While some of us have kept our goals intact by sheer commitment, others have leaned on the help of others — or purchased a few goodies — to reboot, detox, and reset, and most importantly: stay true to new regimens.

If you’ve fallen out of your newfound patterns, fret not. There’s no time like the present to jump back in. Whether you’ve vowed to sleep more, eat healthier, or stay svelte, there are a variety of products to assist with staying motivated, and on track.

Sleep Reboot

+ Monitor: Oura Ring

Checking on your health is as simple as slipping on a chic Oura Ring. Using advanced sensor technology and a mobile app, users can track precise and personal health insights including calorie burn and steps during the day. At night, this techy piece of jewelry measures resting heart rate, body temperature, nighttime movement, sleep timing and quality, as well as light, deep, and REM sleep. Just remember to charge it once a week!

+ Enhance: Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow

Beauty sleep is a real thing — especially when you have a Beauty Bear Age Delay Pillow. Nurse Jamie, Hollywood’s skin expert, and a registered nurse developed a comfortable pillow to help minimize facial wrinkles and sleep lines while catching up on Z’s. With a satin pillowcase for delicate skin, this sleep accessory goes beyond facial line prevention — it is a must-have for neck and lumbar support.

Nutrition Detox

+ Daily: Ritual

Whether you’re in need of multi-vitamins at any life stage, Ritual capsules contain traceable vitamins without gluten, artificial colors, or synthetic fillers. Options range for women ages 18+, 50+, prenatal and postnatal, and these vegan supplements are non-GMO. Delivered monthly, subscribers can choose their delivery dates.

+ Five Days: ProLon

You’ve likely seen this fasting-mimicking diet all over your social media feed. Within five days, the ProLon program also known as “a fast with food”, provides essential nutrition. Some benefits include a kickstart on healthy habits, performance enhancement, and weight loss. The cleanse is known for transforming bodies to a fasting state followed by fat-burning ketogenesis and finally, an autophagy clean-up state (where fat-burning and ketone production increases).

Body Reset

+ Tone: Bala Bangles

Working out at home and getting in shape used to mean signing up for studio classes and maneuvering through fitness machines. But, toning up doesn’t have to be complicated or require heavy gym equipment. Strap on comfortable (and cute!) 1 lb. Bala Bangles to ankles or wrists for a little extra weight while pulsing through aerobics, barre, and Pilates moves or simply carrying on household responsibilities throughout the day.

+ For Skin: C + C Vitamin Scrub

Wash away a rough week (and yesteryear) with Natura Bliss C + C Vitamin Scrub. The micro-granulated citric exfoliant for the face and body gently eliminates skin impurities when applied in a circular motion. The self-care ritual leaves skin renewed, bright and hydrated when applied once or twice weekly.


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