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Fashion Items For 2021: What To Bring & What To Ditch

By Danielle Naer

Nothing signals the start of a new year quite like a wardrobe refresh. Naturally, it can take a little guidance to figure out which items have run their course and which still have many more outfits left to shine in. So, right here, right now, we’re doing a full audit of everything your closet needs to properly kick off 2021, including a healthy mix of new-and-now styles and timeless pieces you’ll re-wear for years. At the same time, we’ll help you de-clutter by calling out a few styles that you may want to consider adding to the “donate” pile as you go.

Below, browse the latest and greatest pieces you’ll want to have on hand ahead of 2021:

Take: Lavalliere/“Pussybow” Blouses | Leave: One-Shoulder Blouses


This French girl trend caught a second wind towards the end of 2020, and fashion girls are all but finished with the ruffled tops. The YSL-approved way to wear it? With a pair of figure-hugging latex pants and stilettos. The Celine way? With cool blue jeans and Mary Janes. Regardless of which matches your personal style more closely, it’ll feel right at home in your closet.

Take: Slit Pants | Leave: Culottes


It’s not quite a trouser, but it’s not a legging, either. These split-hemmed pants have been in vogue for years, ever since WARDROBE.NYC’s pair first went viral in 2018. At this rate, we’re not really sure that they’ll ever trend out, making them well worth the investment now — especially now that wide-leg, cropped culottes have fallen by the wayside. Net-net: if you’re looking for a practical work pant, these are your best bet.

Take: Fun, Printed Sweaters | Leave: Shrunken Cardigans


2020 was all about form and functionality, amidst a time where we desperately needed it. As for next year, the verdict is in: 2021 is about fun. Enter, the printed sweater. Minimalists should feel free to keep it classic with a striped sweater in fresh colors. For those up for an experiment? Boisterous animal stamped-knits and tropical patterns are sure to do the trick.

Take: Luxurious Leggings | Leave: Sweats


If you’re looking for a sign to ditch your sweatpants, this is it. (You’re welcome.) Leggings in all colors and textures — latex, leather, you name it — are having a moment, and YSL and Chanel’s back-to-back shows just cemented their staying power through 2021. So, the moment we’ve all been waiting for: approval to finally wear semi-real pants again.

Take: Shackets | Leave: Flannels


Shackets (shirt-jackets) were the fall trend we didn’t know we needed — and due to lockdowns, most are pretty lightly worn. The good news is they’re great for layering under wool coats and puffers — or, for spring, throw a shacket over your shoulders with a sundress. Think of them as your new flannel; in which case, you know where the flannel goes.

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