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Inside Molly’s Spooky Halloween Decor


Halloween is around the corner and there is nothing the Stubers love more than a festive holiday. Whether it be scary (but not too scary) movies, pumpkin-shaped pancakes, fall-scented candles– you name it, the Stubers love it. Their favorite part of this spooky holiday? The outside decorations.

With the help of the talented Nicola Vruwink, owner of Hello Poni, the house instantly transports to a completely different realm. Using custom-made decorations and thoughtful planning, Nicola never fails to accomplish the perfect Halloween set-up. We asked Nicola to share her expertise and give us a little insight into Molly’s Halloween theme this year. Plus, she gives a few helpful tips to decorating your own home into a spooky, ghostly atmosphere.


Q: We know Molly & the Stuber clan love Halloween. What are some past themes you guys have done?

​One of the first themes we worked on together was all about ghosts! At the time, it was only Brooks and Scarlett and they were both really little so we wanted to keep it super kid-friendly and cute. I put ghosts in the windows, the trees, and all around the house and yard. Two years ago I made giant black spiderwebs, out of black trash bags, if you can believe it! Along with the spiderwebs, we placed a surplus of giant spider creatures all over the house.

Last year was Molly’s favorite theme, Day of the Dead. This featured vintage Halloween decor, skeletons, a banner with a bright pink sugar skull for the front gate, and colorful pumpkins in pink, orange, teal, and red. Thinking back on it, this was one of the most intricate themes we have ever done and it was totally worth it.

Photos from the Day of the Dead Halloween below:


Q: What was the reasoning behind the clown theme this year?

I would say Brooks was really the creative director behind the theme this year. He wanted something scarier than the years before, so we decided to go with an “IT” theme. Although we wanted spookier aspects to the decorations, we still kept it cute and playful by adding in silly tombstones. Each tombstone has a name like Justin Pieces, Bobby Bones, Abby Normal, ​and of course,​ Chucky. It’s the small details that always make decorations so special.

Above all, we really strived to go BIG this year. Especially since trick-or-treating is not going to be like it used to be (if anything at all). As a kid, heck, still today- I just love Halloween and making costumes. With that said, I empathize with kids for their disappointment on fore-going trick-or-treating this year. I felt like it was my duty to make sure the decorations still be spooky and fun, while still bringing joy to the kids.

Q: Tell me more about Brooks playing the creative director.

Absolutely! He helped convince Molly we could go through with it! But Molly is so easy-going that it really didn’t take much convincing. I showed him the PDF doc of the decoration choices and he helped me choose which ones we wanted for the house (with the parent’s approval, of course).  I added a giant red balloon as a surprise at the end because I know he really wants to dress up “IT” for Halloween.

Q: Are there any trends this year for Halloween that I should be incorporating in my own decor?

I think that depends on the age-range of your family. However, I do have a few recommendations below.

For little kids:

+ Display bright colors such as pinks, reds, turquoise or teal, and purples along with the traditional orange, and black to keep the holiday spirit light.

+ You can pair these colors with cute witch’s hats and black kitties. Or, like Molly and I did a few years ago, add in super cute ghosts!

For older kids:

+ You might opt for a scarier theme with zombies, mummies, and werewolves.

+ Older kids love gore and scary movies; you can include both with some Jason Voorhees masks, Freddy Krueger’s hands, and tribute to “It” with big red balloons. And, as needed– a jug of fake blood can really go a long way!

For adults:

+ A bold, all-black theme with hints of gold and crystals will not only be festive but super stylish.

+ Think black spiders and bats, add in some black velvet skulls, witch’s hats, and cauldrons.

Q: How can I decorate my home like a pro for Halloween? Is there a method to this?

I think the first thing is to come up with a concept or a theme and lastly, a color palette. Then, begin the shopping process in correlation to the chosen theme. I personally love to activate a space with some bigger “statement” pieces that really stand out. You can fill in these statement areas with less elaborate decorations, fake cobwebs, garlands, and pumpkins that add details but don’t look crowded or overshadow the main attraction.

The Stuber’s Halloween costume 2019




photo cover courtesy of @jillian.harris


Nicola Vruwink is a Los Angeles based Artist, Designer, and Creator. Originally from Iowa. Nicola began making at an early age and has maintained a creative practice her entire life. Her company Poni provides creative direction, design, and fabrication for special occasions, celebrations, holidays, and events. Simply state, Poni makes your memories better.

Currently, Nicola splits her time between her historic Echo Park home and a mid-century compound she is renovating in the Joshua Tree area of the High Desert.
Learn more on IG: @hello.poni@nicolavruwink@louieslanding (desert compound)

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