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Molly’s Secret To Defined Brows

By Molly Sims

Thanks to Rodan + Fields for sponsoring this post. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

As many of you know, I’m obsessed with Rodan + Fields Lash Boost and well, they let me try a product that’s been under-wraps that I’m finally able to share with you! About three months ago, R+F sent me their new Brow Defining Boost to test out and see what I thought. And you guys, I fell in love.

This year I’ve really focused on achieving the fuller brow look. In the past, I tended to over pluck and wax them. Then, one day it hit me that I didn’t like this look and wanted fuller brows. It took months and months, but I finally started to get them where I wanted to be with the help of R+F’s Brow Defining Boost. But once this new product came into my life, I was extremely surprised. They took their famous Lash Boost Technology and added in other key ingredients like Castor Oil and Cellulose Fibers into a formula that works specifically on brows.

Brow Defining Boost is a 4-in-1 lightweight tinted eyebrow gel with fibers that increases the appearance of volume and fullness! I love to do a no-makeup, makeup look these days, and it’s a must-have in my everyday makeup routine — especially on days where the only thing people can see while you’re wearing a mask is your eyes. Instantly, it naturally tints your brows to enhance the color and shade— the color I use is “light.” I dye my brows lighter (because I’m naturally a brunette) and this shade is very natural and blendable for me.

Not only do you see immediate results, but if you use the product consistently over time, the formula helps boost the appearance of fuller, thicker and more defined brows. It also has a buildable coverage that doesn’t flake like most eyebrow makeup or pencil products! It fills in any sparse areas and tames unruly hair (which is one of my biggest issues).







Here’s how I use the Brow Defining Boost:

  1. After I do my normal skincare routine, I’ll apply the product.

  2. I dip the wand into tinted gel and wipe off any access as I remove the applicator so the brush doesn’t have a lot of product.

  3. I use short, upward strokes to pick up the brow hair with the thicker part of the wand to build and add definition. With the precision tip, I draw small strokes to fill in gaps and shape my brow tail.

 I’ve also learned a few tricks and tips while I’ve been using this product:

  1. Follow the brush pattern of in, up and out as you work your way from the beginning to the end of your eyebrow to give yourself a fuller shape.

  2. Make sure that the fibers of the brow volumizing gel is applied directly to the base of your brow hairs – this helps amplify the results of the appearance of fuller brows instantly and overtime!

  3. To experience the best over-time results, use it every day!

To learn more about how to purchase Brow Defining Boost, click here!

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