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Gua Sha: What Is it and Why You Need It.

There is no better time than right now to take care of your skin. With limited resources available at the moment— there are ways you can take care of your skin that doesn’t include an appointment to the facialist. By now, you have probably heard of the term gua sha. Similar to jade rolling and dry brushing, it is a technique that will become a sick obsession that will make your nighttime routine an exciting event to look forward to.

Gua sha is an at-home process that uses a “scraping” technique to release toxins from the skin. The repeated upward movement of the gua sha tool will help to stimulate new blood flow and break up stagnant blood in the problem areas of the skin, allowing it to finally start repairing and healing. In addition, you will notice a decrease in puffiness and leave the skin looking calmer.

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I have grown incredibly fond of including the gua sha tool in my daily skin regimen. I start my nighttime skincare routine with a cleansed face using the Beautycounter Lotus Cleansing Balm. Once my skin is free of makeup, I then apply a night oil. Right now I am currently using the Bynacht Reverse Sun Radical Recovery Serum. Once this is complete, it is the gua sha’s time to shine. Starting from the neck, I use an upward motion focusing on each area of my face three times repetitively. The night time oil that I use in combination with the gua sha really helps to absorb the product into my skin.

“Starting from the neck, I use an upward and outward motion- focusing on each area three times repetitively.”

There is a method to using the gua sha that must be followed for effective use. From many hours of research and advice from my beauty-obsessed friends, we have found these following steps to be the key:

Step 1: Start at your neck in an upward motion.

Step 2: Scrape the jawline in an outward motion from the base of your jaw to the tops of your cheeks. This will work to firm the skin.

Step 3: Horizontally scrape outward against your cheeks.

Step 4: When using closer to the eye, scrape ever so gently. This is a very sensitive part of your skin.

Step 5: Take your Gua Sha and place on your forehead, scraping in an upward motion to lift your brows and help to smooth wrinkles.

I have been using a gua sha for over a year now and love the results that I have seen— especially in the reduced tension in my face. Now, I am not preaching that this product will completely transform your face because it will not. However, it will actively help to create a firmer and more youthful appearance while releasing toxins from your skin.

Step up your next nighttime routine and give your skin that facelift its been longing for! Shop below.


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