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How To Remove Gel or Dip Nails at Home– We Ask the Experts

Credit: Pinterest

Credit: Pinterest

Our roots have fully grown out, it’s time for a wax and our nails are long overdue for a manicure. If you’re like me and are religious about getting a gel manicure once a week, you’re probably in dire need to remove your gel or dip nails. I asked my manicurist, Barbara to tell me how to safely remove my gels and thought that my readers would also benefit from her expertise.

She’s going to give you a step by step guide on how to safely remove your gel or dip nails and how to get your nails strong and healthy while we’re quarantined.

Step 1:

You want to gently file off the top layer. Don’t worry about taking off a lot of the color – you really want to just file off the shine. I love a boomerang shaped file because it easy to grip and use.

Step 2:

You want to soak a few cotton balls in acetone. You want to use a piece of soaked cotton on each nail and secure with tin foil. Let your nails sit for 10-15 minutes in the foil. Good time to watch a little Netflix. Dips are the same process they just take a bit longer to remove. Also acyclic nails same process but take much much longer to remove.

Step 3:

The polish should look like it’s lifting and flaking off. Use a wooden nail stick to gently push off the remaining polish. If it’s not coming off easily wrap nails again with new acetone soaked cotton and foil for 5 more minutes and try again.

Screen Shot 2020-04-16 at 4.30.10 PM.png

Step 4:

Once the polish is removed you want to hydrate your nails and cuticles. I recommend using a good cuticle oil like Apricot Oil from Essie. You can also use coconut oil. You can lightly buff the nails. Your nails might feel a little weak and brittle so I recommend using a strength building product like Maxus Nail Strengthener 2.0. It’s formulated with bamboo extract that helps reduce ridges and restore shine. It’s one of my favorites because it works!

To get your nails healthy and strong, apply oils to nails 3 times a day to hydrate nails and hands. Always apply lotion and massage the hands after washing your hands— especially during this time when we’re constantly washing and drying out our hands!


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You can email Barbara with any questions you have at 


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