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Ways To Help During The COVID-19 Pandemic


As I’m trying to adjust to our new normal, I’m trying to keep my content flowing for all of you. As much as we’re all trying to figure out what to do with our time, keep our children entertained and maintain our sanity, we have to realize that there are so many people out there who are dealing with much bigger issues. I know I’m not a resource for all things COVID-19, but I want to use my platform to share what I do know, what I am doing and ways we can help those who truly need it now more than ever. I want to do my part, other than social distancing, to help those in more dire need. If you are too, take a look at these options:

  1. Check in with your friends and family

    We’re all letting this consume us but don’t forget that there are others out there who are suffering. Send your friend who is at home alone a text or schedule a FaceTime happy hour (hello weekend)! Check in with your parents grandparents, they’re probably scared and aren’t able to keep themselves as busy and distracted as we can. If you tend to forget, set an alarm each day to check in with someone that comes to mind.

  2. Support small and local businesses

    This is a time where a lot of small businesses are going to struggle. They don’t have as much savings as a huge corporation does. I’ve noticed a lot of my local businesses are offering curbside service where you don’t have to get out of your car and even delivery! Make it a point to go to your favorite places a few times a week for either delivery or pick-up. Also, if you’re able to, consider to continue to pay the people you regularly have working at your house like housekeepers and gardeners. We need to do our part to keep businesses afloat.

  3. Practice Social Distancing

    This is huge right now. You should be social distancing if you are not displaying any symptoms. This means that you should not be in any large gatherings or groups and maintain your distance from others. If you’re able to, you should work from home. The reasoning behind social distancing is because this disease will infect 2 to 2.5 others on average, versus 1/3 others with the flu. People with mild or no symptoms at all are helping spread the disease. This is what makes it more difficult to contain and why there’s such aggressive isolation tactics going on. That being said, stay home and keep a full 6 feet away when you see people out.

  4. Donate

    There are so many incredible organizations out there that are doing everything they can. If you have the means, donate to them so those who are suffering are able to get through this. Here are a few charities that I am personally donating to:

    • JK Livin Foundation is making it easy for us to donate and get the children and families in title 1 schools food they ned during this time.

    • Baby2Baby is collecting funds to get essentials to children who are vulnerable at this time.

    • Global Giving is using donations to send doctors, nurses and other first responders to communities in need. They are also delivering essentials to the elderly and struggling families in quarantined cities.

    • Meals on Wheels is bringing much needed food to the elderly so the can stay inside.

    • American Red Cross is collecting blood needed for patients reeling from Coronavirus. They’re looking for blood and financial donations.

Some charities that some of you asked me to highlight are the following:

  • Local food banks

  • Missionaries

  • Feeding America

  • St. Jude

  • Ronald McDonald House

If you have other ideas to help out during this pandemic, please leave them below! Stay safe everyone!



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