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What Molly Packed For Aspen

Cold weather round 2! Back to high altitudes & low tempslet’s just say my fingers are borderline frost-bitten at this point. However, we were very excited to head to Aspen, Colorado to celebrate our dear friend Tom’s 50th birthday celebration! When the tribe and I get together, it is nothing short of a good time. From the ski slopes to an epic Burning Man theme party— this weekend was filled with so many memorable moments (and maybe a bit too much champagne).

Below I have curated a list of what’ll you need, what to wear, & my own personal Burning Man costume inspiration for your next Aspen retreat.

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Hydration upkeep is the most important when heading to colder weather. Colder weather actually tricks your body’s thirst response and diminishes it by up to 40% even when dehydrated. Your body goes into freak-out-mode trying to find ways to stay warm, that it actually fools you into thinking that you are properly hydrated. So if you do not stock up on the essentials like moisturizer, hydrating serums, water, and lip balm— you can say hello to dry skin & and an uneven complexion. Essentially, the kiss of death if you will. Do we want that? I think not.

So with that said— yes woman, the extra 10 pounds of skincare products for a weekend trip is necessary. Just don’t tell the hubby 😉

Shop my Aspen looks below:

The tribe and I went full force when it came to the Burning Man theme! What an epic way to celebrate half a century for our friend Tom’s birthday! The costume was made by @hello.poni and I could not be more obsessed. Below is a little inspiration if you wanted to plan your own Burning Man Themed party!


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