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Vitamins and Supplements My Kids + I Take EVERYDAY

I have gone through hundreds of vitamin and supplement companies to find exactly what I love and I am finally sharing my list with you. Vitamins are tricky because they have become so trendy in our everyday schedule. This makes it hard to find ones that do what they need to do and don’t just look pretty. Don’t get me wrong, I love a pretty package, but I need it to do the job at the same time. So I found the best of both worlds. I talked about all of these vitamins and supplements over on my IGTV. Click here to go watch!


You should be sold by this vitamin from just reading the reviews. This is a multi-vitamin for women that provides you with everything you need in a day in two small pretty capsules. The packing is beautiful and clear so that you can see inside the pill. The ingredients are pure and extensively researched to only give you what you need and nothing that you don’t. The entire concept is, “less is more” so they give you everything your body needs in a day. As if it couldn’t get any better, the actual vitamin smells and tastes like mint.

Hum Nutrition

This company is based out of LA, which I love, but I also love pretty much everything about it. It’s like the concept of taking a test to figure out what you need, but I trust this one. It only gives you exactly what you need for the time that you need it. For example, if I’m stressed for a few months, I’ll take a vitamin that targets my stress until I don’t need it anymore. And I just switch out what I need on my subscription as I need different things. You can cancel at anytime and there is no charge. They also make gummies that taste amazing… I ate the glow gummy vitamins in less than two weeks.

Vital Proteins

This is an incredible brand that I’m sure all of you have heard of. They have clean ingredients and keep it easy to use. I take the unflavored collagen powder and mix it into my water in the morning to help with my hair, skins and bones. The company now makes flavored waters and also has many different flavored powers to mix that are so tasty. It’s also important to take this as you age because our collagen naturally declines. This is a great supplement to boost my mornings while providing me with some protein.

Shop the Vitamins

Like I said, these are just the ones that I’ve hung onto because they work so well for me. So please let me know in the comments any that work for you so that I can try them! I am constantly searching for new vitamins and supplements!



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