WATCH: TRAVEL SNACKS <i>for my tribe</i>

MY KIDS LOVE SNACKS! It is actually a problem in this house because it makes me snack. You guys ask me to talk about what we eat while we travel... well, I’m about to show you. We’re in France right now and you know momma came prepared.

Okay... I went to 3 grocery stores to get our snacks. I know, sounds excessive but our favorites are spread out across Trader Joes, Whole Foods and Erehwon. We also did a few from Amazon to make it easy.

I know it looks like a lot .. but we don’t take ALL of these snacks. It kind of just depends on the time of day that we’re traveling. I also LOVE to pack them in these bags from Grove Collaborative. They’re reusable and I’m able to compartmentalize everyone’s snacks. If you have any travel snack tips, let me know below... I can’t wait to read them!

Tell me what you guys are snacking on this summer in my comments below!