WATCH: 20 Minute No Equipment Full Body Pilates Workout

Hey guys!! I am SO excited to introduce you to the owner of one of the hottest (literally) hottest workout studios in Los Angeles. Meet Shannon from Hot Pilates— a high intensity workout based on the foundation of yoga and pilates… heated to 95 degrees.

Since a lot of you don’t live in West Hollywood, she decided to come on the channel today and give you guys a workout that you could do anytime…. anywhere! If you want a little extra challenge, turn on the heater and get ready to get HOT.

This is NO Joke… if you guys did this workout with us, I hope you're just as dead as I am. I’m literally going to be sore for the next week. Shannon, I have to thank you so much for stopping by and doing this … if you guys liked this workout, give it a thumbs up and head to her channel for more awesome workouts!

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