WATCH: Summer Favorites 2019

Okay summer is officially here so I formed a list of all my very favorites this year to make sure all you guys had a chance to snag these products too! We’ll be traveling so much this summer- were about to head to the Hamptons so I had to be on top of these items and make sure I stocked up before we left. I’m so excited to share my goodies with you guys- this summer list is my favorite yet!

WATCH: summer favorites 2019

Sundays Nail Polish in colors #13 & #6- Every girl needs their staple summer red and neutral… but Sundays has the most gorgeous color palette this season. I can’t do summer without my poppy red and I’m so obsessed with this one. And now I had my go to nude with it! I was so excited to find this new brand and JUST in time for my summer nails!

Casamigos x Williams Sonoma Mixers- Ya’ll know momma LOVES a good Paloma. I recently discovered this cocktail mixer set and salt rimmers and it truly tastes like summer. Stock up on these this summer and you won’t need a bartender all season long.

All Birds Tree Runners - I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect summer tennis shoe. I love a lightweight tennis that has a sleek look. They are SO comfortable and stylish.

Free People hair ribbons- A big summer trend this year is the hair ribbon. It elevates any hairstyle and gives that little french girl look that I love. Shop the scarves I bought: Ribbon Scarf Pony | Starboard Headband | Coral Pleated Scarf Pony | On The Road Scarf Pony | Meow Scarf Pony

Off My Case x Bauble Bar phone case- I threw this one in my favorites because it’s just too cute. I showed my old case in my spring favorites but this collab is too good to not have year-round.

Tom Ford Lip Spark in “Power Trip”- This color made me stop in the aisle in Sephora. Tom has this new line of metallic lipsticks that are awesome. Throw this lip on to throw any look together.

Tom Ford Emotionproof Eye Color in “Brut Rose”- Okay we all love a good marketing punch line, and we LOVE Tom Ford. Emotion proof eye color? Done, sold. And look how GORGEOUS this shade is.

Laneige Lip Glowy Balm- Momma loves a good balm for summer and this one I HAD to have. They have 4 perfect summer shades and I chose grapefruit. I’m so obsessed with the high gloss look and pop of color for this one.

Playa Endless Summer Spray- We all need this one girls. I always need a super shiny pick me up for my beach hair from all my days in the sun. I bring this with me every vacation I go on to make my day hair have an effortless fresh look by night. And this smells AMAZING. Go grab yourself this one!

Caviar Anti-aging Anti Frizz Blowout- How many of y’all deal with humidity in the summer? Okay me too girls but I’m going to share with you my secret. Caviar blowout will be your new best friend. You have to have this product this summer to keep your hair looking smooth and fresh for all your outings. We can’t stay cooped up inside to avoid the heat. Caviar will save you! Trust me.

ColourPop Main Squeeze Eyeshadow- Okay I’m REALLY excited about this one you guys. Colour pop JUST realized this bright summery palette and look how happy these colors are? They pop and remind me of everything watermelon. I need this in my life and will be wearing all these all summer long. And you need this too! Go grab them while they’re still here!

Funboy Unicorn float- How adorable is this!? I just bought all of these for our pool this year and the kids and I are OBSESSED. Fun boy makes the cutest floats every year but this summer is my favorite. This will be so festive for my summer parties for the kids this summer. You wouldn’t be able to guess who’s more excited about this- me or scar. We love unicorns over here!

LARQ- Alright let me fill y’all in on the newest coolest product. I find myself having a hard time hydrating all summer but I also couldn’t find a bottle that I loved and stayed clean. Now I have it! LARQ came out with the most amazing water bottle that self cleans. This lid sanitizes the bottle and the water from just a bottom. I’m amazed you guys. And I need them for the whole fam this year!

Fenty Poutsicle Juicy Satin Lipstick in “Tropic Tantrum”- Momma loves a good summer pink lip. I’m obsessed with Rihanna and I’m obsessed with this new lip. I will be wearing this to all my summer events and sending it to all my best friends to match me. It’s so smooth and just glides on. And this fuchsia color is so perfect and bright. I’m in love.

Dr. Jart Focuspot Micro Tip Patch- I am SUCH a fan of Dr. Jart! I love all the skincare so much but I’m obsessed with this new product you guys. Everyone has to get these. They’re patches that target certain areas on your face and clear the blemishes without using needles! It’s amazing and so easy to pack with you wherever you go all summer long. I have to go back to get more so I can use these with me last minute when I’m on the go and vacationing.

Lexon Mino Speaker- Okay a little mix up from the beauty products… I found the CUTEST mini speaker to toss in my beach bag and head out for the sunny summer days with. I’m so obsessed with anything and everything mini. Not only is this the perfect size but y’all know my favorite summer color is pink so this is perfect! I can jam to my favorites all summer long and be so cute doing it!

Reusable Ice Cubes- I found the perfect solution to keeping my drink cool and never watering it down. These colorful ice cubes are perfect for me and the kids and they’re so bright and fun to have in a drink. I really love that they don’t melt and I can give my little Grey Grey ice cubes without him choking. They’re so fun for the kids and keep everybody happy. These are a must for summer this year.

Nécessaire The Body Wash- I’m all about the good smells and I just found the most amazing body wash. It makes me feel so clean and it smells incredible you guys I’m not kidding. I’ve used so many really great body washes but this scent “sandalwood” is the yummiest ever. I have to have a great scent for summer when I’m out in the sun and in the water all day to freshen up by the end of the day - and this one is so perfect. I’ve never been so obsessed with a body wash!

Goop Nerd Alert- How many of y’all get so sleepy in the summertime and need a pick me up? I love these great gummies by goop that I found. They bring me so much energy and focus just when I need it. I can lose my energy in the afternoons and usually need a nap but I love that I can just pick these up and snack on them when I need a fast fix. I travel with these and throw them in my bag with me wherever I go just in case of emergency. They do just the trick to keep me up and moving. Love Goop!

SunnyLife Beach Bats- HOW CUTE ARE THESE? I love the watermelon print on these so much and everyone needs a good beach game to play. It’s the perfect duo. I was so obsessed I bought two sets for the family this year. I had to have these and think they make the perfect summer activity.

SunnyLife Inflatable Unicorm Ring Toss Game- Unicorn EVERYTHING this summer please. Scar freaked out over this of course as did I… We love unicorns over here. I’m so happy to have sweet pool games for my kids each summer and couldn’t pass this up for this year. Poor Stuber might lose his breath from blowing up all our floaties but we swear it’s worth it!

LSpace High Wasited Bikini (Top/ Bottom)- I’m always on the hunt for the newest and cutest swimwear and I think I found it for this season! I love L Space swimwear so much for so many reasons. The texture and quality is incredible and all their swim is SO adorable. This cut and print for this summer is perfect for me and I had to have it. Go grab this while it’s still in stock!

What are some of your summer favorites? Comment below so I can shop!