My Drugstore Beauty Essentials

Momma is all about a good drugstore product. I recently went to Walmart and stocked up on all of my essentials before I head out of town for the summer! You guys are always asking me which drugstore products I use so I thought this would be the best time to show you guys in a little haul.

I go to Walmart for all of my necessities for my bathroom because it’s really a one stop shop for all of my beauty needs.

My Drugstore Beauty Essentials

Shop my haul :

Batiste Dry Shampoo- I’m obsessed with this dry shampoo and it has a great tropical scent. It reminds me of a pina colada and really keeps my hair clean in between washes. I don’t wash my hair everyday because it strips my color and I need lots of dry shampoo in-between my workouts.

Differin gel- Okay, this product is a new addition to my vanity. I was so excited when I found this because normally you need a prescription for Differin gel and now you can get it at Walmart. I used to get prescribed this when I had cystic acne, and now I like to apply it as a spot treatment.

CeraVe Sunscreen- I recently filmed a video with my dermatologist and one of your guys’ biggest questions was which sunscreen to use. She recommended using a mineral based sunscreen. I love this one from CeraVe because it is lightweight and doesn’t make me breakout like other sunscreens do.

Cetaphil Gentle Skin Cleanser- This is another product my dermatologist recommends. She loves Cetaphil because it’s gentle and doesn’t strip any of your face’s necessary oils.

Beauty Blender- I don’t even need to explain this one. I’m constantly using my beauty blenders because I love the air-bushed, natural look. I try to stock up on these so I don’t lean towards using old and dirty blenders.

Neutrogena Glow On Liquid Face Highlighter - Honestly, this is the best liquid highlighter. I get so many compliments on it and gives the perfect healthy glow!

CoverGirl Reign Eyeshadow Palette- These colors are awesome! And it’s such a great price for a palette, you truly can’t beat it. The palette is insanely pigmented so a little goes a long ways.

NARS Lip Gloss- I love that Walmart sells NARS products. You guys are probably familiar with their “orgasm” lip gloss but personally, I like Ophellia more! It’s less pink and has a great shimmer.

What are some of your summer essentials? Let me know below!



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