VIDEO: Bikini Booty Bootcamp

You all know and love her from my Instagram stories, I’d like to welcome my trainer, Laura Keller! This woman has changed my body and I couldn’t thank her any more. I’ve referred her to all of my friends and it’s gotten to the point where she’s so booked that I can barely get a slot. Anyway… she made time out of her busy training schedule to give all of you guys a little booty workout to get you in shape for bikini season!

Watch the workout:

This workout is perfect to do in your hotel room, your bedroom, when your kiddo is napping… literally whenever you can squeeze in a workout. I’m a firm believer in getting in a power workout even if it’s for 30 minutes over a one hour workout. As long as you give it your all, you’re going to see results. I’m going to have Laura on the channel again, what area do you want her to target? Let me know in the comments!

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If you guys do any of my workouts, PLEASE tag me on your Instagram stories so I can see them. It really gives me inspiration to continue to post my workout and gives me motivation to hit the gym! I also post my workouts 2-3 times a week on my IG story so always head there if you need a quick workout!