What I'm Packing In My Ski Bag

Today I’m heading to Aspen and I am BEYOND excited because I’ve never been! Shocking, I know. As much as I miss my babies (so much!!!!!), I’m excited to head to the snow with just my friends and their significant others. I haven’t seen Stuber in almost a week so it’ll be nice to be back together!

I haven’t skied in a few years so I’m really excited to get back on the slopes and hopefully my muscle memory kicks in! I had to pack for this trip before the Oscars because I’m going straight from Vancouver (for the tv pilot I’m filming) to Aspen. I swear, it’s been nonstop lately. But I’m not complaining because I’m so grateful for all of the opportunities I’m getting at the moment.

You guys ask me what I pack on my trips a lot and I thought that this would be the perfect time to share since my bag is already packed and I have some new fun stuff to share with you all!

Shop what I’m packing:

What are some of your ski trip essentials?! Let me know below!