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Getting Organized with The Home Edit

My favorite girls are back with the smartest tips and tricks for organizing all your home spaces. We did a part one to this video and it was amazing, so now have a release of the second part for you guys. I almost have my entire house done by these ladies and I’m completely obsessed with their method. Let’s get organizing!

Ditch, Donate, Keep:

This technique WORKS! They make me turn my hanger around in my closet and if it’s still there by the next season, you ditch or donate it. If it’s not there, then you get to keep it. I’m telling you this works.

The Shoebox Philosophy:

This is whatever fits comfortably in your closet, without having to pack it in. We all have a certain amount of space for our shoes and if we get new ones, then the old ones have to go. This on is really hard for me..

Display Level:

We should only put on your pantry shelves what we want people to see, more importantly our kids. I had to move my snacks up just so my kids didn’t snack all day. I learned this lesson quick!

Shop the Products:

Stay tuned for more exciting things to come from these ladies. Comment below the best tips you took from them!



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