Valentine's Day Gift Guide

I know a lot of people think that Valentine’s Day is just commercial holiday, but I have to tell you, it is my FAVORITE holiday. I like it even more than Christmas, honestly. I ran around Century City mall, did some online shopping and pulled a few items from my closet to compile this gift guide. I’m telling you… it’s awesome. I’m actually keeping 95% of these items for myself and my family.

Okay, here we go.



MollyxRM bags A lot of you requested that I do a Valentine’s spinoff to my sparkle collection so we threw these new thread colors together. Now, you can add an emoji, hearts and lips to your totes and we’ve added a limited edition tote!  

Huda Beauty Contour & Strobe Lip SetOmbre lips is about to be huge in 2019 and Huda came out with this little set that is the perfect gift to your friend who is obsessed with makeup! 

Nurse Jamie Uplift Rose GoldI feel like I’m constantly talking about Nurse Jamie but I love her so much. I was at her office the other day and she whipped out this ROSE GOLD uplift. I’ve never seen it before and that’s because it’s a limited edition piece for HSN. I’ll link it for you guys  to shop! 

DKNY Lip PJS- I was recently invited to a pajama party that I unfortunately couldn’t attend, and my girlfriends Beckie and Martina sent me these. They are so chic and soft that they’re the only ones that I decided to keep. I’m a huge fan of silk pajamas because you can wear them around the house or go to school drop-off without feeling like you’re in pajamas. You can even wear the top with a cool pair of jeans to hop on the pajama top trend.

Clare V x Castify Lip Phone Case- I am beyond obsessed with this case. They don’t even make the case for my phone, but I’m using it anyway. I can’t even tell you how many compliments I’ve received from using it! Get it for yourself or your girlfriend, they’ll love it too!

Fresh Lips Don’t Lie- This is for the friend who isn’t too much into makeup but still likes a little something. I found this exclusive set at Nordstrom and everyone in my crew wants to take one home.

Rodial At Home Facial Mask Set — Your skin needs a little loving too. I’m absolutely obsessed with Rodial’s products I found this set at Nordstrom for half off! So obviously momma is doing little self-care tonight. I can’t find it online, but here’s the link to the Dragon’s Blood lip mask, Pink Diamond Lifting Mask, Vitamin C Energizing Face Mask, Dragon’s Blood eye masks, and the Oxygenating and Cleansing Bubble Mask

Chaser Brand Heart Sweatshirt- Although it may not seem like in on Instagram, but I live in sweats. I’m constantly on the hunt and couldn’t bypass this cozy sweatshirt.

Aviator Nation Heart Sweatpants (sold in stores, click here to shop more Aviator Nation) - I am IN LOVE with these!!! Unfortunately they don’t sell them online but I found them at Bloomingdale’s so definitely check there or call one of the Aviator Nation stores. I’ve never seen a pair of sweats like these so I was one happy shopper. I know they’re expensive but trust me when I tell you this, if you buy one pair of sweats, you need to buy these. And then you’re going to want 100 more pairs!

BeachRiot Heart Leggings- I am SO picky when it comes to picking out leggings. I have a few requirements- I want them to be slimming and go up to my belly button, no muffin tops please! Not only do these fit the requirements, but they have OMBRE HEARTS. I mean, what could be better for the fitness lover than these leggings?! Nothing.

Sugarfina XOXO Bento Box- One of my favorite gifts to give is Sugarfina. Their rose gummies are my go-to desk snack (I know, it’s full of sugar) but they’re so chic and come in the best packaging! I could get these gifted to me 100 times, and I would love it every single time.

Sugarfina Love Bites Bento Box —  Okay, I couldn’t leave all the single ladies out. I saw these candies at Sugarfina and thought they were amazing!! If you’re single, your girlfriend is, grab them, throw on a great movie and pour yourself a glass of wine. Sometimes Galentine’s days are even better than a traditional Valentine’s Day.


Happy Socks “I Love You”Had to get a little something for Stuber! He’s obsessed with socks and I thought they were perfect for him

Leatherology duffel and accessories pouch — I got this for Stuber last year and he uses it ALL the time. Your significant other will thank you! If you want it hand-painted, order it now because it does take a little bit of time to get delivered.


A2B Table Valentines’ Day Box- My girlfriends Annie and Benton created this awesome company, you’ve heard me talk about them before and I’m talking about them again. They come up with the best curated gift sets for the holidays whether it’s Christmas, St. Patricks Day and even birthdays!!

Nailmatic KIDS water-based nail polish- Both Scarlett and Brooks love to get their nails done and I fully support that. So for Valentine’s day we’re going to have a few manis and pedis going on in the Stuber household. Also, I love this one because it’s water-based and won’t stain the couch.

Prinkshop x Darcy Miller Hug It Out t-shirt- I had to get this for my Scar! Every year I get the kids Valentine’s Day shirts to wear to school.

CHASER That’s Cool t-shirts- So this shirt is technically for girls but in my eyes it looks pretty unisex. I got this one for Brooksie and Grey Grey.

Meri Meri plates- I’ve talked about this brand before, I use them a lot for my kids’ parties and even just miscellaneous events. Their decor will spice up any event in a second.

I told you… I went a little overboard but there’s really no such thing as telling someone you love them TOO much!

I know all of you are already going to ask me to do a makeup tutorial on this glam, don’t worry… I’ve already filmed it and it is going live next week! Subscribe to my channel to get this Valentine’s day inspired makeup tutorial straight to your inbox next week!