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Why You Need To Start Drinking Orange Wine

Orange Is the New Black… or Red in this case. Orange wine!? Have you guys heard of this? Momma loves herself a glass of rosé in the summer or a typical white, but I have discovered orange wine over the summer and I have been dying to share this with you guys. Let me tell you why it’s so great.



Old Wine, New Trend

It’s actually an old concept but a new trend- just with a facelift. Orange wine is also called skin-contact wine. This means it’s made from white grapes with the skin on them to bring out a different color. It’s a different style of making the wine, not an orange flavor. So for all my citrus haters out there, you’re welcome. But I love citrus and momma is still happy with this.

Host with the Most

It’s no surprise I love party planning and having friends over, and things just got better because of this. I always like to mix things up at my drink stations and this is the perfect addition. And the best part – its orange, so you better believe I’m bringing it into fall. Bring this out to your next big event and you will be the talk of the town with this new trend.


This is wine after all, so I do have a few benefits to share with you guys. Because it is made similarly to red, it also reduces risk of heart disease. Orange wine specifically, also provides more antioxidants than white wine. The skin from the white grapes that are left in the process of making orange wine, are what make the antioxidant level higher than white wine. And last but not least, studies show it may promote longevity. That’s all, I’m sold.

Expand your Wine Palate

You guys HAVE to go out and buy some bottles of orange wine and taste your favorites. Throw a little party and decide with your girlfriends which one you love the most. This is what I did, and it was so much fun. It’s a great excuse to get together and stay current with this is fun trend.

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Tell me what you guys think about the orange wine and comment your favorite one you’ve tasted. I want to try more!



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