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TSA Approved Toiletry + Makeup Bag Items

Since we’re in the midst of summer and you guys can tell that I’ve been traveling A LOT… I thought I’d take you inside my travel and toiletry bag. It’s all about being strategic with your packing and ONLY bringing the essentials. Back in the day, I would go through my bathroom and grab a product that I haven’t used in MONTHS and think that on this next trip, it was the time to start using it. Do not have that mentality when you’re packing for a trip.


Shop my favorite bags to travel with here! You guys know I have so many of these, they’re so simple to pack in and throw inside my bag.

Skincare + Beauty Products


Wellness Favs

My “kit”

Alright, we’ll that’s about everything I carry when I’m heading on a trip. It’s not a lot but it’s the essentials. I’ve become a minimalist over the years since I had kids. Sometimes it’s so much easier to just take the basics when you travel. What are some of your travel must- haves? Let me know in the comments below!



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