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How To Keep Our Ocean & Environment Clean

Did you know that Saturday is World Oceans Day?! I personally love the beach, so this day is really important to me you guys. I wanted to educate myself on what more I can do to help save our oceans and keep then environment clean for my babies and their babies to come! I learned so much to share with you guys on simple steps we can take to help. Let’s dive in!

I have a reminder for everyone… We are all connected to the ocean even if we don’t live on the coast! And there is so much that we can change in our day to day with just keeping that in mind. Each one of us can make a difference, so lets all work together. Saving the planet and ocean is such a hot topic but its really important that we pay attention to this one. This is our lives were talking about, our babies lives. We should work at this together to make an impact. So I have created a list of steps we can take every day, or even just one day at a time, to work towards keeping our ocean clean.

Use Less Plastic

50-80% of ocean trash is plastic. We can reduce this by reusing water bottles, straws and bags!

Reduce Energy Use

Energy-proof your home by maintaining heating and cooling systems and keeping lights shut off when not in use. This decreases power plant emissions and keeps the ocean cleaner.

Keep Beaches Clean

Find a local beach clean up and contribute for an hour or two. When you go on vacation, join one too!

Dispose of Waste Properly

Recycle! We should be using recyclable products and recycled products. This produces less waste and is so helpful for the ocean and environment.

Get Involved

Participate in cleanups, vote for what makes sense to do, pay attention to laws and whats going on around you.


Learn! Read about this, study it, talk to people, watch documentaries. And then tell people about this. If you find passion in this others will see that in you and feel the same way!

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I really encourage you guys to do some research of your own. Honestly even just learning one new thing about our ocean or watching a video can motivate you. This matters to me and I hope it matters to you too! If you have more suggestions about how others can conserve the environment leave in the comments below!


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