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How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Detoxify without Exhausting Yourself

Last month, Lauren Roxburgh was a guest writer and you guys loved her post so much that I asked her to come back. You guys know her as the foam roller woman but she’s more than that. She has perfected specific techniques that will lean and sculpt your body while still giving yourself the time to have a life. I’m going to let Lauren take it from here.

Many of my clients come to me with the goal of losing weight and detoxifying their bodies. Often they have spent years pushing their bodies for hours at the gym or rigorously restricting their eating, yet they’re still not happy with the results.  It’s true, heavy cardio and juice fasts can work – in the short term! But their not sustainable in the long term, which also means the results don’t last.

In the sixteen years I’ve spent years working with clients, I’ve learned that looking and feeling your best, losing weight, and more importantly keeping the weight off, is all about finding a sustainable lifestyle that you genuinely enjoy. This is true regardless of whether losing weight or just feeling good at your current weight is your goal: You want to find a way of living, eating, and exercising that works for you and your lifestyle—and one that you can stick to and actually enjoy. Crash diets or fasts just don’t work for most of us in the long-term—we might lose some weight, but it pretty quickly goes back on. Likewise, embarking on an intense workout regime can be great for a while, but pretty soon we’re over it—or, worse, we end up injured.

How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Detoxify without Exhausting Yourself

There is a better way, and I call it the R & R detoxifying and fat-flushing workout—a less stressful, yet highly effective routine that combines the 2 “R’s” – (foam) Rolling and Rebounding (on a mini trampoline). It’s all about quality movement; quick, fun, efficient and easy.  Even better, you’ll find this combo jumpstarts your metabolism and strengthens your core.

Why foam rolling? The humble roller is capable of far more than just massaging sore muscles—in fact, the roller is a total-body workout tool that can actually mimic many of the moves on the Pilates Reformer. Used correctly, the foam roller can help smooth out your fascia (the thin layer of connective tissue that lies under the skin and wraps the entire body, as well as each individual muscle and organ). Also when used correctly, the roller boosts circulation and lubricates your fascia, which makes your skin feel more supple, toned, and youthful. I recommend a medium-density foam roller. I developed one that suits nearly everyone (and is not painful to use), with raised bumps that further boost circulation and get the lymphatic system going.

When you combine rolling with another one of my go-to’s—the rebounder—you’ve got a one-two punch for de-stressing and improving total body strength and tone. The rebounder is basically a small trampoline that you simply bounce on, but it’s a remarkable tool for both body and mind—and also for weight loss when done consistently. It’s low impact so it’s easier on joints and muscles. What else? It lifts and tones the deep core and tush and boosts circulation.

How to Burn Fat, Lose Weight, and Detoxify without Exhausting Yourself

For me, the biggest advantage of the R & R fat-flushing workout is that it’s enjoyable, doesn’t take up a lot of time, and you can do it at home—all of which increases the chances that you’ll stick to it. Just 20-30 minutes on your roller and rebounder, and your workout is done. You’ll not only look and move better, you’ll actually feel better. I’ve even created my own signature tools that you can use to do the workouts at home. I designed my signature foam rollers with the optimal density to support lymphatic drainage and inflammation reduction, and they are the perfect length to help you get the most out of your workouts. I’ve also teamed up with Bellicon to create my own signature rebounder to give you a fun and highly effective workout tool you can use at home.

How To:

Below you will find a few examples of moves you can try and you can find tons of rolling and rebounding videos and content on my online studio, The Aligned Life Studio. If you’d like to dive into to a full-body 10 week, rolling and rebounding challenge, then be sure to join my Summer Challenge starting on May 20th. If you’re ready to get stronger in all the right places, lean out, flush fat and stress aim to do a rolling and rebounding workout for 20-30 minutes, five days a week, for a few months and you WILL see and feel a huge difference!

To achieve the best results, start with the rolling moves to break up the density of your connective tissue and boost circulation. Take your time, be present in your body and breath, decompress your joints and feel your muscles connect. Then move to the rebounding moves.

For a 20-minute workout, go through the rolling sequence twice, and then the rebounding sequence twice-through, too.

The Rolling Moves:

SNOW ANGELSRepeat movement 10-15 times.

INVERTED LEG SERIESRepeat the series 10 times.

CHEST EXPANSIONRepeat move 20 times (alternating crossed leg).

ROLLING SHELLRepeat move 10 times.

The Rebounding Moves:

Do each bounce move for 1 minute.





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