As many of you saw on my Instagram, I went to fashion week and now I’m back to reality. I’ve unpacked and finally all situated. So I’m sorry that I’ve been a little mute on the blog this past week but I’m about to write all of the things that you want to know during these next few days and weeks. I asked via IG story what you guys wanted to know about NYFW and wrote down all of your questions. Keep in mind that NYFW in September focuses on trends and fashion that will be out in the spring and summer. These are not trends that are out in the fall and winter. So let’s get right into it.


How do you decide between which fashion houses you will attend and support?

I think that everyone does this differently. But I had a really tight schedule because of my kids and wanted to be there for both of their first days of school. Brooks started on the 4th and Scarlett started on the 11th. So i had to make it work from the 5th to the 10th. I looked at the schedule of the NYFW shows and wrote down all of the ones I wanted to go to. Then, I sent it to my publicist and she makes the calls. Sometimes you don’t know what you’ll get invited to until the week of or sometimes the day of. I almost left on Sunday night until I found out I was invited to Zimmermann and stayed an extra day, because … obviously, it’s Zimmermann!


How many shows did you attend?

I attended three shows … Ulla Johnson, Brock Collection and Zimmermann. And I went to one presentation which was for Mara Hoffman.


What are some new makeup and beauty trends you saw?

I saw a lot of awesome beauty trends this year. If there was one trend that was across the board, it was natural makeup. Most of the models had clean and fresh faces with a lot of dew. Pastel colors were also huge! Brock Collection, Michael Kors and Ulla Johnson all embraced pastels. At Ulla, the eyes had a played-down neoprene shadow with a bright coral mascara. Many designers like Rodarte, and Mansur Gavriel used florals in the models hair. Rodarte had crowns of bold florals while Mansur accesorized with scattered love-me-nots. In addition to floral hair accessories, the wet-hair look was everywhere this year. Calvin Klein’s soaked ends gave a reinvented way to take on the wet-hair look. I mean, even Nicki Minaj rocked it at Harpers Bazaar.

Screen Shot 2018-09-13 at 2.05.12 PM.png

What was the most exciting thing that you saw or happened to you at NYFW?

If I’m going to be honest, seeing Cardi B and Nicki Minaj in the same room before and after their fight. I was not there to witness the fight, but I walked the Bazaar Icons red carpet with Cardi B and walked out the door with Nicki Minaj and Nicki smiled at me!

Where did you eat and stay? Any good hotels in the city?

I have a place in SoHo that I’ve owned for 20+ years so I always stay there. But I also have a NYC travel guide if you want to know some of my favorite hotels, restaurants and shopping spots while I’m in the city!

Are florals still in?

In my book, florals will always be in. Florals are still going to be in in spring and summer but it’ll be a different type from your traditional florals. The queen of florals, Ulla Johnson didn’t even do her traditional “flower power" and emphasized more on sexy black designs like crop tops and one-sleeved looks. It’s all about the feminine sleeve and shoulder in 2019.

How can the newest styles be replicated in a budget friendly way?

It’s all about finding a trend that you love and making it your own. I love to invest in one piece that I will last me the season that I can pair with my classic pieces. That’s what I try to do on my blog for all of you guys. I always find a statement piece or trend that might be on the expensive side and find other pieces that are on the more affordable side.

Best skin treatments/ procedures you used to prep or use in general?

Great question! The week leading up to NYFW, I had everything done that you can imagine. The Friday before I left, I went to my dermatologist, Dr. Haleh Bakshandeh for a few touches of Botox. She did an IGTV on the treatment she gave me on her Instagram and you can watch that here. Upon leaving Dr. Haleh’s, I went to my girl, Tracey Cunningham over at Meche Salon to get a deep conditioning treatment, highlights and color. Meche Salon also has an incredible manicurist, Miwa who will do your nails while your color is setting. Then on Saturday, I saw my waxer, Riki who shaped my eyebrows. The day before, Amy Rittiner dyes and trims my eyebrows. Lastly I got my eyelashes done by Esme Winterflood. When I was in New York, I had a little hydrating facial from Dr. Barbara Sturm where they put on some hydrating products and gave me a facial massage.

As for products and at-home treatments, I moisturized the sh*t out of my body. I’m obsessed with using Weleda Skin Food (I’m obsessed) and Kopari’s Coconut Melt. While I was in the city, I used Joanna Vargas’ Dawn Face Mask to give some life to my skin after the sleepless nights and pounds of makeup. I also slept with Olaplex’s #3 hair mask one of the nights I was in the city, which is my saving grace.

What was your favorite show of the season?

I’d have to say my favorite was Zimmermann. They’re probably my favorite clothes to wear and the show made me love them even more! The clothes were incredible and the environment was bright and energetic. They’re opening a store in the Palisades in the next few months and I’m beyond excited for it!


What are your favorite trends that you saw that you will now incorporate into your wardrobe?

There were a lot of street style looks that I’m really looking forward to incorporating into my fall wardrobe. Lots of animal print, especially leopard is huge and so is western wear. We’re going to see a lot of plaid, fringe and mixed prints in the fall.

But for Spring, we’re going to see a lot of pastels and baby blues. One shoulder tops and dresses with feminine touches as well as statement sleeves are going to be everywhere in 2019. If you don’t love to dress feminine, we’re also going to see a lot of neon and nylon.

How do you keep up with appearances, dinners/ parties, and make time for workouts?

I really tried to mix it up… I didn’t do as much as everyone else because I didn’t want to get sick and rundown. I was shockingly able to sleep in some mornings and scheduled workouts when I wouldn’t be out late. It truly is about balance and not pushing yourself.


Who designed your outfits and where could we find them?

I’m going to do an entire blog post within the next few days with the links and brands to everything I wore. My stylists, Beckie and Martina put all of my looks together and I couldn’t have done it without them.


What’s your regimen to stay healthy and hydrated during this time?

I stock up on water and snacks when I get to the city. I had about two packs of still, a pack of sparkling and lime La Croix! I always have at least 3 bottles in the car that I’m in. Then, I order a pack of ThinkThin peanut butter protein bars and turkey, rice crackers and hummus. These are items I snack and munch on during the week.

There’s also a spot close to my apartment called Spring Natural off Kenmare and Mullberry which is my favorite healthy quick meal. My favorite is the rice and vegetable platter with a side of shrimp.

What’s it really like at all of the shows? Do you get to keep your outfits?

It really is one of the coolest experiences! There’s so much high energy, people who are excited to be there and beautiful clothes. It’s crazy because there’s so much prep that goes into it and a show really only lasts about 15 minutes and then everyone leaves and is on to the next location.

It depends on the designer if I get to keep the clothes… typically, we do not. They send us about 5 options to pick from and then I get to wear whatever I like the most.

Where did you get your fanny pack?

My friend Monica Gambee let me borrow it but it is from Gucci, I’ve dropped the link here.


I’d love to do a huge shout out to my glam team! Gianpaolo Ceciliato did my makeup for the entire week and I’d love to thank Kiki Heitkotter, Matthew Monzon and Creighton Bowman for keeping my hair looking good all week long!

If any of you have more questions, please leave them below and I’ll do my best to answer them! Also, if you have suggestions for other fashion week blogs, leave them below! Your suggestions really help me with my content!