August Favorites

Where did this summer go?! First we were counting down the days until school was out, now I'm gearing up for back to school! I truly feel like June and July came and went in a blink of an eye. Well, it's officially the first Friday of August and it's time to soak up the last minutes of summer while still preparing for the kids to go back to school! So this month's favorites are catered more towards work and play so we can all have the best of both worlds before we run into Fall! 

all photos by  Erica Hampton

all photos by Erica Hampton

Yes, I know that majority of America does not get a "summer" but you definitely get some perks like Summer Friday or taking that much needed long weekend vacation and once Labor Day hits, it's back to reality. I'm throwing in some organization and work supplies that will get you back on track once summer has ended. 

Dream Catchers from FreddieMoon - I just came across this Etsy shop and you guys.... I DIED. This woman makes the most magical dream catchers that are one of a kind! You can either purchase one of the dream catchers that she has listed or you can customize one! I just ordered one for Scar for her room and she's going to be so excited since ya'll know how much we love a dream catcher! 

Office Supplies - Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE my office supplies. But it has to be chic and simple. I can't have bulky items on my desk because it makes everything look disorganized and messy. World Market and Paper Source are two of my favorite spots to get my desk decor. This marble & gold pencil cup adds a touch of glam and neutral. Then to compliment the gold, I love this paper tray... a desk can get messy so a paper tray helps you keep all of your important documents in one place. 

Acrylic Monthly Calendar- This is good for your home office, your kitchen or even kids' playroom depending on how you want to use it! I use mine to plan my blog content for the month and then I have one in my kitchen for the kids. This has their school and after school activity schedules on it so everyone knows where they're supposed to be and when.  

Bento Lunchbox- If your kids are anything like mine, they LOVE back to school shopping. This always includes a new backpack, pair of sneakers and a lunchbox. I've been loving these bento boxes from Pottery Barn because they're BPA and phthalate-free and we don't need to use plastic bags because of the 5 compartments it comes with! I've been trying to eliminate plastic as much as I can from our daily lives. Plus, they come in

Glass straws- Speaking of eliminating plastic, I am all about glass straws at the moment. I used to use a titanium straw for my smoothies but I felt like there would be a metal-like aftertaste which I hate! These glass straws are so easy to wash, BPA free and you're not hurting the turtles! :)

STATE Backpacks- I've talked about these before but I feel they need some more love! The founders, Scot and Jac founded STATE after they saw students bringing home their belongings in ripped trash bags. For every purchase of their backpacks or totes, they provide a backpack to youth across the US through their "bag drops." I do everything I can to teach my kids that every time they receive, they need to give and this company helps me instill that in them. 

The Night Before Kindergarten - Brooksie is about to start Kindergarten this fall and I'm saving this book for the night before he goes. I've read that it really helps with kid's anxiety about starting a new school! I has a very positive outlook!

Wipe Clean: Early Learning Activity Book - Now that we got Brooksie into Kindergarten, it's time to start prepping Scarlett. Now she's a few years away, but a child's brain development is so important in these earlier years! When the kids come home from school, I always have something for them to work on whether it's Kumon or reading books! I discovered this activity book when Brooks was in pre-k and now I have Scar on them. It's something that they can do on their own without you guiding them each step of the way! Just make sure there aren't any permanent markers in sight-- just dry erase! I learned the hard way. 

Colorful Shape Sorting Puzzle Cube - Last but not least, I can't leave my Grey Grey out! He LOVES these blocks so much that he can just sit there an play with them for hours! I love that they're wood because they're so much easier for him to grasp than the plastic ones. And they're a toy that we can keep around until he's in his 2's when he's learning his shapes! 

What are you loving at the moment? Let me know below!