My Beach Bag Essentials

There's truly an art when it comes to packing up your beach bag! When you head to the beach for the day, you need all of the essentials; all the sunscreen, hydrating products, beachside reads, you name it… because there’s no going back!

I'm now on the East Coast for the rest of the summer and I'm planning on doing some much needed R&R ... which means grabbing a great book, my kids and hanging out on the beach. Here's what's in my beach bag. 

All Photos :  Erica Hampton

All Photos : Erica Hampton

My Beach Bag Essentials (Photography: Erica Hampton)
My Beach Bag Essentials (Photography: Erica Hampton)
My Beach Bag Essentials (Photography:Erica Hampton)
My Beach Bag Essentials (Photography: Erica Hampton)
  1. I'm sure you guys know by now but I have a thing for basket bags. That's woven bags with not only a utility use, but they're chic! This bag from Hat Attack has a cute saying with some poms... and I'm obsessed! I constantly get compliments on it!
  2. I always always always have a good book with me. I've said this before, I'm such a book worm and summer is truly the only time where I get to dive in. The ones listed on this blog are some two of my favorite beach reads. Since I'm not working too much in July and August, I like to brush up on my digital marketing. It's a new age and I'm constantly learning which is why I love The Content Trap. It's probably the best business book I've red in awhile. It has a great point of view that is fully supported by case studies. Another great book that I'm reading right now is Lincoln in the Bardo. If you're a history buff, you'll love this fictional story on the Civil War. 
  3. Shiva Rose Rose Water - While I'm at the beach, my skin gets extremely dehydrated especially with the salt water, sand and sun! This hydrating rose mist instantly replenishes my skin where I feel refreshed and radiant. 
  4. Coola Sport SPF 50 - I love this brand so much! I use it on myself and my kids because it has clean ingredients and that's really hard to find when looking for a good sunscreen! I always use water-resistant with a SPRAY on my kids. Mommas-- you know what I'm talking about. Plus-- it's water-resistant for up to 80 minutes which makes reapplying a lot easier.  
  5. Kopari Coconut Oil Coconut Balm- This is just a one step wonder. We use this stuff EVERYWHERE. I have the big tub at home but I always have  to keep this travel size one with me. It's really just the ultimate hydration. 
  6. Supergoop Sunscreen Oil- I also love to use this sunscreen on my kiddos. It extremely hydrating and gives your skin a glow. I like to use this as my kids' base sunscreen before they go to camp or hang out on the beach... then to reapply I move to the Coola since they can't sit still. Plus- this one doesn't make your skin feel greasy like others do. 
  7. La Mer Reparative Body Sun Lotion- So this is a sunscreen only for momma. I get pretty dry skin and need a sunscreen that is silky and hydrating. Plus, it's made with "miracle broth" and their Golden Algae Ferment which renews and restores your skin. It has a lower SPF than what I put on my kids because I like to get a little tan.   
  8. Supergoop Lip Screen - Most people use sunscreen all over their bodies but tend to neglect their lips which I think is crazy!! My lips are constantly chapped and just gets even worse in the summer. This lip screen protects my lips from sun damage and has become a summer staple. They also make it in a gloss which is awesome for any events that you're going to that's outside! 
  9. Sunglasses- If you know me, I can't be anywhere without a great pair of sunglasses! You don't even want to know how many I take with me when I travel. I can't find these sunglasses pictured but I've linked two of my summer staple shades here & here
  10. Buji Baja Beach Throw - I think this one is just obvious-- you can't hang out at the beach without a beach blanket. I bring towels to dry off but these blankets are so soft and look really chic! 
  11. Luxxe Monogram Clutch- I discovered this company at a little boutique on the west side and they've become my go-to gifts. My girlfriends LOVE the clutches that I've given them and love that you can customize them. This one says "Casa Thunder" since that's what we call our home in Cabo. I have something really fun coming up with the brand very soon. ;) 
My Beach Bag Essentials (Photography: Erica Hampton)

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What are some must-haves in your beach bag? Let me know below!