VIDEO: Where I Buy My Jewelry + How I Layer It


You guys have asked for this video for awhile and well, I thought it was about time! I am beyond obsessed with all types of jewelry, dainty drops, bold cuffs, chains, you name it. But honestly when it comes to wearing jewels, it's all about how you layer it! I'm sharing some of my favorite pieces from my favorite jewelry designers & how I mix it all up!

People ALWAYS ask me where I get my jewelry. And to be honest, I get it everywhere. Some of my favorite jewelry designers are The Last Line, Jennifer Fisher, Jennifer Meyer, XIV Karats, Anita Ko, Zoe Chicco and EF Collection. I love anything that is dainty and elegant... but most of all, I like to have fun with my jewelry, as you can tell. 

There's one rule that I'm a firm believer in and it's you can never have too much jewlery. My husband may disagree but it makes me feel like I'm playing dress-up. There are a few rules and tricks when it comes to layering jewlery and here they are:

  1. When layering necklaces, start from long to short. Get a chain that is as long as the neckline of your dress and top and then work your way up.

  2. Use safety pins to adjust the length.

  3. Scotch tape will be your best friend when you want to keep your necklaces in place.

  4. Put necklaces in straws when you travel-- that way they won't tangle.

  5. Only throw in one color. If you have a turquoise piece, wear it. But don't wear ruby, topaz, etc.

  6. Always mix metals and textures! This goes for earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets! Don't be afraid to mix rose gold with yellow or white gold.

  7. When layering your bracelets, keep one wrist clean. I only put my necklaces on one hand... it looks way chicer.

VIDEO: Where I Buy My Jewelry + How I Layer VIDEO: Where I Buy

Last but not least, it is so important to keep your jewelry organized. Why shell out all of this money on beautiful pieces if it's not always going to look good. Clea and Joanna from The Home Edit got me this great necklace holder from The Container Store and I honestly don't know what I'd do without it. It keeps all of my necklaces organized and best of all- untangled! 

I keep my bracelets, rings and earrings in this beautiful ballerina box that Shelley from The Last Line gave me. I checked their site and couldn't find it on there but here's another box that will keep your jewels safe... it's just not as cute. ;) 

VIDEO: Where I Buy My Jewelry + How I Layer VIDEO: Where I Buy
VIDEO: Where I Buy My Jewelry + How I Layer VIDEO: Where I Buy
VIDEO: Where I Buy My Jewelry + How I Layer VIDEO: Where I Buy

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As you guys know, I love my ear cuffs and chokers! If you have any other brands or pieces that you think I need in my collection, drop the links below! This video was completely inspired by all of you... please let me know what you want to see and I'll make it happen!