VIDEO: How To Wear Glitter Eyeshadow This Holiday Season

We all know how much I love a bold lip, even more so, I love a glitter eye. Since we all want to sparkle during the holidays, I collected some of my go-to glitter eyeshadows that will have you glistening from across the room.

Not only are these glittery shadows chic and perfect for your holiday parties, but the application is extremely easy! You don’t need a brush, just a finger- which is my favorite type of application. If you’re using loose glitter like the Lemonhead one, mix it on the back of your hand first to create a liquid glitter. This looks great with a simple contour, mascara and a pop of color on your lips.

If you prefer a softer look, put a pop of glitter on the inner corner of your eye. This will give you a more feminine and pretty look. Just be sure you don’t get any glitter in your eye! If glitter seems like it’d be a little to overwhelming for you, you can always use it as a topcoat for any of your favorite eyeshadows. That’s why I love Tom Ford’s Cream and Powder Eye Color. They come with a two-tiered eye palette. One is a base eye shadow and the other has your glitter.

Watch me apply a few of my favorite shadows below!