VIDEO: How I Get My Beach Waves Using One Product

Recently I discovered this one product from Ouai and it has changed the way I air dry my hair. Since I’m constantly running around with my kiddos and barely have time to style my hair in the morning, this product has been my hero product for the past few months.

The Air-Dry Foam is a time-saving wash and wear foam to get the perfect beach waves! I start with wet hair, brush it and then apply the product. I apply by massaging it into my hair and then scrunching.

Next, I get sh#t done. This is when I make breakfast for my kids, take calls, answer emails and drink some coffee. Once it’s dry, I like to use a curling iron and curl away from my face to define those girls a little more. I do it in random pieces so it doesn’t look perfect.

Then voila! You get the perfect air dry beach waves without wasting any time!

Shop the products in the video above:

Are there any products that you’re using that are major time savers to your current routine? Let me know below!



**This post is not sponsored, I just wanted to share a product I’m using and love.