Trending: Prints For Spring 2018!

As many of you know, momma loves a print! A huge trend that I've been seeing on the runways is mixed prints for 2018! This means it's time to bring out your bold patterns, overcharged florals and polka dots! Prints are here to stay in 2018 and I'm loving it. 

Finding the perfect print is like finding the perfect accessory. Not everyone is going to look and feel their best in polka dots, but then there will be that one person who turns heads in them.

All photography: Erica Hampton

All photography: Erica Hampton

Trending: Mixed Prints for spring 2018 photography: erica hampton
Trending: Mixed Prints for Spring 2018 Photography: Erica Hampton
Trending: Mixed prints for spring 2018 photography: erica hampton
Trending: Mixed prints for spring 2018 photography: erica hampton

Zara Jacket | Simon Miler Jeans | T by Alexander Wang Shirt Loeffler Randall Slides  

Stripes are also having their moment. Vertical, horizontal, diagonal, pinstriped... if you can find a stipe in any direction, hold on to it. Supermodel tip: opt for the vertical strips since they'll give you an elongated and slimmer physique. 

Candy stripes are also back. Remember the candy striper girls back in the day? Well, the revamp of their uniform is here for spring and summer of 2018. Think millennial pink but in stripe version. 

Logos are everywhere if you couldn't tell by now. Fendi and Gucci are making their labels known in bold across t-shirts and sweatshirts everywhere. 

Florals for spring? Groundbreaking! Not only are florals in general a huge print this year, but they've been broken down into categories. We have soft florals, 60's florals and micro florals I don't care how underwhelming the floral print trend is... it works! Quite possibly my favorite print on this list. The soft florals are feminine, airy and romantic-- perfect for a date night or a coverup for the beach! I'm also LOVING that 60's florals are making a comeback. There's nothing I love more than a little fashion nostalgia. 60's florals have a completely different type of shape and color-- they have hues of orange and lots of color! Lastly, we have micro florals. These are the sweet and petite florals that aren't as bold as what you normally see. Think fresh and light hues on sheer clothing! 

Polka Dots have a huge stance in fashion history and they're back! I've said this before and I'll say it again, I've never met a polka dot I didn't like! But like I said above, everyone will have their own preference when it comes to prints. 

Tropical Prints are big for those who what to up their floral game! Think florals on steroids! I'm not talking Tommy Bahama vibes... I'm talking chic palm trees and hibiscus flowers! Fenty Puma, Gucci and Coach have all given their own spin on this trend on the runway and I can't wait to see it on the streets.

Animal Patterns are never really out of fashion but there's definitely an update on the print this season. We're seeing everything from cow patterns to snakeskin that are both elevated and casual. 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post! I had so much fun researching these prints! Have fun getting your shopping on! Till next time!