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Everything You Need To Know About My Favorite Detox Program

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll know that I’ve been going to We Care spa every year since 1999! Yes, next year will be my 20th year. The first time I went was right before one of my big Sports Illustrated shoots! This is the program that I use once a year to detox my skin, lungs, kidney, colon and liver. This allows my body to release and remove waste and toxins. I asked all of you to send me your questions that you have regarding the program so I hope that I’m able to answer all of them throughly. 

I’m going to start by taking you through a day at We Care. We arrived at the spa at around 10am on Sunday morning where we then checked in and received our schedule. Since I was staying off campus, they gave me a goodie bag that had everything I would need to make my drinks in the morning and evening. They also give everyone a drink checklist. This is so you don’t forget to mix your drinks and take your supplements, which is crucial in the program. I prompted all of you to ask me your questions on my Instagram and now I’m answering the most common ones below.  So, let’s get right into it.


What is We Care?

We Care is a spa founded by Susana Belen and she actually has a pretty incredible story. She hit a point in her life where she was consumed with anxiety and anger and wanted to change her life. Long story short, she found practices that left her feeling strong and energized. She did extensive research, met with teachers and healers who all gave her the tools to be completely well and healthy. After she experienced an all liquid cleansing detox retreat in Mexico, her vision was clear. That’s how she came up with the idea of a place that specializes on detoxification, full-spectrum liquid nutrition, yoga and meditation, emotional healing and well being and spiritual connection. 

Everything You Need To Know About My Favorite Detox Program

So, not only is We Care a place for you to come and detox your body, but it’s a place that detoxes your mind and body. 

What do you do there?

I’m going to walk you through a normal day at We Care. First, you wake up and have some lemon water and take 2 We Care 365 Food-N-Zymes capsules (which they provide for you). Then, you can choose to attend a yoga and meditation class which is at 7:30am. Next, you start pounding all of your morning drinks, which they list out for you on your daily drink plan sheet when you arrive. I like to start my treatments 30 minutes to an hour after my first detox drink. Then, my first treatment is typically my colonic. During the first two days of the detox, I’ll sometimes book a digestive release massage just to get things moving. I’ll talk about the benefits of colonics later in this post. I like to get them out of the way in the morning so then I can spend the rest of my day doing the relaxing treatments. I truly feel like the day goes by faster when you book your days with massages and body scrubs. Some of my favorites are the Raindrop Therapy, Combination Massage + Cupping, Magnesium Detox and the System Recovery Wrap. I’ve attached my itinerary below if any of you wanted to get an idea. The only reason my Colonic on Sunday is later in the day is because I arrived to the site on the later side, I normally wouldn’t recommend that. Always start early! When you’re not involved in a treatment, take advantage of the FAR Infra-red Saunas, educational classes and floating bed. I like to go into the saunas at least once a day while I’m here. 

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 2.38.57 PM.png

What do you eat?

I slightly touched on this above but you’re not eating while you’re here. It’s strictly a liquid cleanse. You drink a combination of organic vegetable juices, alkaline water, nutritional supplements, specifically designed therapeutic teas and powdered plant concentrates made into juices. Then by the end of the night, they put out some sort of vegetable based soup where you can add as little or as much flavor as you want to it. Sometimes I sneak seconds! 

I know it sounds horrible, but it really isn’t too bad. There are times during my stay where I’m chugging some of my teas and drinks because I simply wasn’t hungry. Your body goes through ketosis (where the liver converts fat into fuel) and you actually feel less hungry, and it gives you an almost euphoric high. 

Why colonics? Are they good for you? Are they harmful? 

These drinks nourish you and help soften and dissolve the toxins which have accumulated in your body and in the 5 organs of elimination (skin, lungs, kidney, colon and liver). Once they’re softened (hence why I do my colonic an hour after my first detox drink), they release the toxins through a colonic. This is the safest and effective measure for releasing the debris from the colon.  

How do you prepare for it mentally and physically?

This process truly is all mental. If you go into it thinking that you can’t finish, then you probably won’t. Go in with a positive mindset… you’re here for a reason

I physically prepared myself by doing a pre-fast. The program recommends that three to four days prior to your fast that you:

  • Eat fruit, raw and steamed vegetables, salads, juices and herbal teas.
  • Take two tablespoons of olive oil at bedtime.
  • Drink 8 ounces of prune juice in the mornings and take herbal laxatives or laxative teas nightly (I drank dandelion tea instead).

You should avoid all grains, pasta, bread, meat, cheese, fish, dairy, processed food, caffeine and alcohol. 

Everything You Need To Know About My Favorite Detox Program

How long should you stay there for?

I like to go for the 4-day program but I also go every year. It truly depends on the person and what your goals are. They have 4-day programs and then they have programs that will fit anyone’s needs and you can stay anywhere from 3 days up until 8 days. 

What are the benefits of coming to We Care?

Personally, I reap so many benefits when I come here, which is why I’m so passionate about it. Aside from shedding a few pounds, I always feel energized, alert and have so much more clarity. Upon leaving, you’ll notice that your skin is glowing and the whites of your eyes are the whitest you’ve ever seen them! 

What’s the difference between this and doing a juice cleanse at home?

I’m obviously not a doctor, but I feel like this is the healthiest route when doing a cleanse. I really feel like store bought juice cleanses are harmful to your body and deprive you of the nutrients that you need. When you’re at We Care, you’re constantly taking supplements with your drinks like Food-N-Zymes, Power Green Energy Capsules and Probiotics. So everything that is coming out of you is going right back in with these supplements. If you have any health problems, I highly recommend that you consult with your primary physician before doing any sort of cleanse. 

How often should you go?

Like I’ve said before, I go once a year. But then there were people on my most recent visit who told me they come once every three months. I don’t think there’s a specific number of times you should go in a year but consult with one of the members at the spa or your colon specialist and they should be able to tell you what would be best for your needs. 

How do you maintain it afterwards?

You learn so much about healthy eating and what you should and shouldn’t put into your body. I highly recommend taking Bridgette’s transforming fasting into solids class as well as Susana’s cooking class! I’ve learned so much from both of these women which I’m going to dive into a bit more in another blog post. 

Supplement wise, they suggest that you take home their 365 Nutritional Solutions Package and replace one solid meal a day with a liquid meal. 

Everything You Need To Know About My Favorite Detox Program

What do you eat when you’re breaking the fast? 

They give you a guide in one of the classes. The slower you introduce solid foods back into your diet, the longer you will benefit from the fast. 

  • Days 1-3: Eat fruits and vegetables only; exception – soups and salads.  
  • Day 4: Add more complex plant food such as nuts, seeds, whole grains, brown rice and legumes.
  • Day 5: Add wild fish and organic eggs, if desired
  • Day 6: Add organic poultry and goat dairy, if desired.
  • Day 7: Add red meat, organic and grass fed only, if desired. 

If you have any questions or comments, please drop them in the section below! I’ll do my best to answer them. Within the next few weeks I’m going to share some takeaways I’ve learned from coming to We Care like the benefits of cupping, dry brushing and what you should and shouldn’t buy at the grocery store. If there’s anything else you’d like to know, leave them in the comments below! 



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