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My Soul Goals

Whether you are in the profession you’ve always dreamed of, you are aiming to get there, or perhaps have detoured in an entirely different direction, rethinking and reevaluating goals is a good thing to do every now and again.

While it’s much easier to think of goals in terms of achievement or something material and tangible, because those things can be measured and counted, it doesn’t hurt to also think of goals in less literal, quantitative terms. As Einstein said, “Not everything that can be counted counts and not everything that counts can be counted.” It makes sense to dig deeper for different kinds of goals. I call them soul goals!

Photography: Gia Canali 

Photography: Gia Canali 

My Soul Goals:

  • COMPASSION Being more compassionate brings us all closer together. The more compassionate we are, the more connected we are and the more connected we are, the more we can accomplish together.
  • FORGIVENESS Ghandi called forgiveness the attribute of the strong. Letting go of anger and resentment is as much a gift to ourselves as it is a gift to the forgiven.
  • HONESTY AND TRANSPARENCY When we are honest, we can love ourselves as we are. There are no games. There is no confusion. There is only truth. Honesty and transparency can feel very vulnerable, but do it anyway.

  • HELPFULNESS Everybody could use an extra hand every now and again. I strive to be the person that doesn’t just help in ways that suit me or that are easy for me. I put effort into the way I help, and strive to help out where someone really needs it.

  • INSPIRATION When you have the opportunity to cheer someone on, do it! Genuine encouragement is a powerful force. We all know how good that feels! Your single flame can light a thousand wicks.

  • OPEN MINDEDNESS When you have an open mind, other things will open for you and open up around you. In Zen Buddhism, there is a concept followers strive for called shoshi, or the “beginner’s mind.” It’s a mind that’s open, eager, and nonjudgmental.

  • PEACE MAKING We all know those people who love to stir the pot. Be the one to close the lid. 

  • PRESENCE Live in the here and now, because that is all we are guaranteed.

  • PROBLEM- SOLVING Rather than dwelling on dilemmas and pondering on your problem, shift to problem- solving and coming up with solutions. Ditch the blame game and adopt the make-it happen mentality.

  • KICKING A** The fact is, sometimes you’ve just got to put on your big- girl boots and go after whatever it is that you want. Stop fussing around and get going!

My Soul Goals Photography: Gia Canali

my favorite books to feed your soul:

Which one of these goals stood out to you the most? What’s something that your working on. I want to challenge all of you to read this two times and sent your intention. What are your goals as a woman, a mother and a friend? How do you want others to perceive you? What is something that you are working towards and how are you going to make it happen?

I can’t wait to read your answers!



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