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Inside My Kids’ Playroom

In our previous house, we didn’t have a playroom. Our living room was also the playroom. I’m sure a lot of you can relate! In fact, the train tracks and train that Grandpa Ray gave Brooks were pretty much permanently on the coffee table.

Baskets and bins held the toys— and yes, all of us were a little squished in there on big game days, but we managed. In the house where we now live, I was really lucky to get a playroom. It has a big, long, cushioned banquet, with soft- close storage drawers underneath, a kid- size table and chairs, chalkboard, television, baskets for toys, and built- in shelves for displaying specialty items and storing more books and toys. I love a well- laid- out playroom because it makes my life so much easier. It’s just off our kitchen/living space, so although it’s separate, I’m still able to peek in to make sure all is well! When a playroom is orderly and has all the basics that kids need, they play better, share more (fingers crossed!), and get along. Today, we’re taking you inside the most fun room in the house: the playroom. 

Inside My Kids' Playroom Photography: Peter Murdock

Inside My Kids' Playroom Photography: Peter Murdock

What I love, love, love in a playroom:

  • Out-Of-Sight Storage: Cubbies that tuck away into shelving or drawers. Gotta have ’em. I prefer kid- friendly pieces, so the kids can help with the cleanup. We chose bench seating with front storage drawers, rather than the kind of storage benches that open like a chest, because drawers are a lot easier for young hands to maneuver. Whenever possible, choose soft- open and – close drawers to avoid tears and squished fingers.

  • Shelving: Shelving is essential too. I like to place fun display items on the top shelves, where they’re hard to reach. We have a vintage toy dump truck of my brother’s up there!

  • Kid-Size Seating: A table and chairs for coloring activities is a must.

  • Big Baskets: Basics! For quick toy cleanup, these are musts for me around the house, especially in kids’ spaces. Baskets are an easy way for kids to manage the cleanliness of their spaces on their own, and in a pinch, baskets can hide a lot of sins when doing quick prep for unexpected guests.

  • Fun Art: One of my all- time favorite things in this house is the happy mess neon sign we had made for the playroom. It’s fun and stylish— and pretty much summarizes our life, especially the playroom. Ha!

playroom.jpgInside My Kids' Playroom Photography: Peter Murdock

Supermomma secret: When choosing your color palette for children’s spaces, choose wisely. Keep in mind that your children and their belongings themselves often bring a lot of color. Books, stuffed animals, toys, and other objects often inject lots of color into the space— so you don’t always have to add more.


If you liked this blog, then you’d love my book “Everyday Chic” that you can purchase here! What are your tips for keeping your kids’ playroom organized and a happy mess? Let me know below! 



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