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How To Truly Age Gracefully

Aging is a biological reality that all of us share as long as we have the privilege to continue on this earth. And there are numerous benefits to aging. But in our culture, especially for women, aging is big fat negative. It’s associated with all kinds of bad things that we are supposed to “fight.” The language we use when we talk about aging is like we are in a war against nature and time: “Turn- back the clock.” “Try this new anti- aging miracle cream. “Fight wrinkles and sun spots.” And I’d be lying to you if I said that I was completely kumbaya about aging— that I love every dark spot and undereye circle and fine line so much that I want to sing a song about it. Hell, no. It’s especially hard when you’ve made a career in entertainment.

Photography: Gia Canali 

Photography: Gia Canali 

But women everywhere worry about it. We don’t just worry about aging because of the health challenges; we worry about aging because of how we will look. We worry about wrinkles, cellulite, sun spots, gray hair, sagging stuff, yellowing stuff, you name it.

I’ve made no secret about using Botox or having fat melted from my body by lasers. The baby bump we all love tends to leave us with all kinds of baby bumps  we don’t! Then try having three. Amiright? But I have mellowed with time. My approach to using products, treatments, tools, and technology to maintain a healthy, youthful appearance is well researched, vetted, and always all natural. But there’s this crazy catch-22. Women in the spotlight aren’t supposed to age, but then if we choose to try to hang on to some of our youth, we’re chastised: “What has she done? Collagen? Implants? Botox?” And then a million “experts” weigh in and pile on the ridicule.

Age has brought me experiences that have shaped who I am as a person, hopefully for the better. Why look back on youth when there is so much to look forward to?

Photography: Amy Neusinger 

Photography: Amy Neusinger 

Here’s what I’ve learned along the way that has helped me age gracefully: 

  1. PHYSICALLY Aging well is deeply connected to the physical. Having a physically strong body is important to me. Feeling physically strong also gives me mental strength and confidence to continue to live life to the very fullest.

  2. COGNITIVELY Try to learn something new every day. Continue to challenge yourself intellectually. Our brains are fantastic elastic organs. They will continue to grow and expand as long as we exercise and  stretch them. This is the way to stay vital, agile, and youthful from the inside out.

  3. CREATIVELY Stay sassy, supermommas! Old dogs can learn new tricks. Continue to live creatively and stay open to new ideas, opportunities, and challenges. Do not set limits on yourself as you age. A study published in the Journal of Aging and Health has found openness— the ability to entertain and be flexible to new ideas— is an indicator of longer life. Creative thinking reduces stress and ignites the brain’s ability to stay healthy and mentally wealthy.

  4. EMOTIONALLY Allow yourself to keep living, loving, celebrating, and experiencing all the magical emotions life has to offer. As we get older, sometimes we cut ourselves off from experiences that may lead to rich emotional rewards. Don’t censor and restrict your emotions. Continue to allow yourself opportunities to live, love, seek, and find.

  5. SOCIALLY Staying close to friends and continuing to nurture those bonds is a total youth injection! Think about how hard you laugh when you are with your best friends. Our friendships truly feed and nurture us, and they keep us young.

  6. WITH ACCEPTANCE I won’t linger on this— but the facts are the facts. No one actually gets younger. We grow and gain many things with age, but youth isn’t one of them. When we welcome aging and don’t resist it, we can blossom and experience all the pleasures that come with it: greater self- confidence, less giving of damns, clearer priorities, and an understanding of life that we can share with others. There is nothing more beautiful than that.

When all else fails, there’s a few skin care products that I turn to to turn back the aging process. Use them consistently and be patient. You WILL see results.


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