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First Friday Favorites: February

As many of you know, I LOVE Valentine’s Day which is why I tend to really love this month. January literally felt like it was 75 years long and now we can finally tackle a new month– reset our goals, priorities and resolutions. If you didn’t stick to your resolutions in January, it’s OK! You can start over this month. Which is why my February favorites are all about love and staying on track! 

My resolution was to take care of my skin more (as if you guys couldn’t tell by following me on Instagram) so here are some things that have been keeping my skin on point:

1. Nurse Jamie’s Uplift Facial Massaging Beauty Roller–  Nurse Jamie has been the saving grace with my skin lately and this tool has been the best thing I can do to my skin in-between sessions. The roller has 24 massaging stones to energize, enhance and uplift your skin. I have seen a significant difference in my skin, especially when I use it after a night of drinking or travel! 

2. Nurse Jamie’s Beauty Bear Pillow– Yes, I have to include another Nurse Jamie product because they’re SO good. I’ve been trying to see Nurse Jamie since my pregnancy with Scar but then I got pregnant again and couldn’t go in for lasers, etc. So I went in a few weeks ago and my life has been rocked. She had me buy this pillow because I’m a side sleeper and wake up with a line on my cheek and it’s just not cute. Makeup artists hate dealing with it and I hate to look at it. This pillow improves the quality of your sleep while minimizing sleep lines to actually give you the beauty sleep you desire. 

3.  The Balm by Georgia Louise– Many of you know much I DIE for my Georgia Louise but this is by far my favorite product by her! It’s a great cleanser to take off all of your makeup in a gentle way and it really makes your skin feel beyond moisturized, especially during these colder, drier months.  

Screen Shot 2018-02-02 at 6.24.21 PM.png

4. PowerGlow Peel Face by M-61Blue Mercury sent me a little care package a few weeks ago and it included these peel pads for a daily exfoliant. I usually use the Daily Peels from Dr. Dennis Gross but I love to try new things. I would just read up on both of them and see which one will work best for your skin type. I honestly love both but you have to use them sparingly or else you’ll strip your skin. I learned that if you dry out your skin too much that you’re going to cause more acne and do more damage to your face. So, I love these… but they’re a product that you shouldn’t use everyday but 1-2 times a week.


5. The Tracy Anderson Method– Another part of my resolutions, like most of the population, was to start working out again! I’ve been religiously working out with Tracy Anderson’s team and let me tell you…it is kicking my butt. If you’re in the Los Angeles, London or New York areas, you can attend her classes but if you’re not, she has some incredible workout videos that you can do at home! You’ll need a set of 3-5 pound dumbbells, a set of 1.5-2.5 pound ankle weights and a yoga mat. 

6. Valentine’s Day In A Box by A2B Table–  Two of my girlfriends created this company and they are the epitome of chic! Their site and boxes are the one stop shop for all things home decor and entertaining. This month they came out with a Valentine’s Day box that includes two place settings with ceramic swirl plates, monogrammed napkins and placemats, pink glasses and mugs, candy, decorations, a LOVE book, balloons and banners and more! It’s literally all you need to get your kids excited for Valentine’s Day or even host a Galentine’s Day dinner. Order before February 9th to guarantee arrival date before Valentine’s Day! 

7. Meri Meri Valentine’s Day Decorations– This brand is usually on my list during all holiday festivities! It’s my go-to for all holiday decor! They have fun garlands and stickers that not only do my kids love, but they look chic wherever they are! 

8. My Cinema Lightbox– My assistant showed me this the other day and I was like… I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE. Although it’s not necessarily Valentine’s Day related… but you can use it for cute messages for your family or home regardless of the season or holiday. You can also add different symbols to add a special something. We currently have one up that says “Time To Slay” because I always want my family to leave the house with some motivation to have the best day possible. And it might also be because I love me some Beyonce. 

9. Sugarfina XOXO 4-Piece Candy Bento Box– During Christmas I gave a lot of the people Sugarfina’s bento boxes and they were a HUGE hit! They’re a perfect gift for anyone because who doesn’t love a delicious and pretty gummy?! And better yet, they’re packaged so you don’t even have to wrap them! 

10. Roller Rabbit PJs– As many of you know, I love a good PJ set and not going to lie… I love to match all of my kids in the same pajamas because why not?! Roller Rabbit is my all time favorite brand for kids and adult pajamas and they happened to come out with the most adorable line for Valentine’s Day… I DIE for them. 

I’d love to know some of your current obsessions! Leave them in the comments below and Happy February! 



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