Bold Lip + White Blouse With An Edge

The holidays have passed and we're officially back in the swing of things! It's time for new resolutions and starting fresh! Speaking of starting fresh, I thought I'd share a crisp look and bold lip that will make you feel renewed all year long.

As much as I love a bold lip on any look, I love it the most on a crisp, white blouse. It's fun and flirty while bringing out the feminine side. I've learned throughout my modeling years that there are definitely some dos and don'ts when it comes to wearing a bold red lip.

All Photography: Erica Hampton

All Photography: Erica Hampton

All Photography: Erica Hampton

All Photography: Erica Hampton

Photography: Erica Hampton

There are many shades of red that are meant for different skin types and you're going to need to try on as many as possible before you find the perfect one. Generally, women with fair skin should wear more true reds with no orange tones. Medium skinned women look best in pinkish and orangey reds. Dark-skinned women should choose darker hues and can even rock a purple and wine-colored hues of red. 

Bold Lip + White Blouse With An Edge Photography: Erica Hampton

To add to this look, a feminine crisp blouse will make your lips, pop. I love this one from Zimmerman because it has the most delicate embroidery. Shop a few more of my favorites below. 

Lastly, you guys know I love my earrings. A lot of you always ask where I get my earrings from and honestly, I get them everywhere. So, I'm going to try to start including my earrings in all of my blogs and perhaps write a blog that's dedicated to my earrings. But for now, let's start with what I'm wearing on my right ear. I finally got the piercings that I've been dying for while I was in the Hamptons and I have to say I've invested in my fair share of earrings. My pearl gold drop and cuff are from ValaniHere's another ear cuff that I wear all the time and I love. My two studs are from the Last Line!  I'm all about pairing statement pieces with dainty jewelry to tie it all together on one ear. 




I think this look is so perfect for a date night or even Valentine's Day! Let me know what you think below!