Three Tech Gadgets I'm Currently Obsessed With

Most of you guys know, I am NOT a tech-savvy person. I can do the bare minimum when it comes to using my phone, working the television, or even using the baby monitor. It's a hard thing to admit but in all honestly, who has time to learn every new gadget that comes out on the market?! I'm not here to complain about technology, I'm really not. I'm here to tell you about three new gadgets that I recently discovered that are easy to use, kid-friendly and will make your life a whole lot easier. 

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First, I want to tell you guys about the Nokia Health Thermo.  This is a straight up game changer, especially for those of you with small children.

Three Tech Gadgets I'm Currently Obsessed With Photography: Erica Hampton
Three Tech Gadgets I'm Currently Obsessed With Photography: Erica Hampton

To use the Thermo, you first download the app. The app allows you to track temperature readings, get reminders and input symptoms or medications on your iPhone. Yes, this is coming from the person who is technology inept. If I can use this, you can use this. You simply slide the thermo from temple to temple. Then, an LED indicator will tell you if the temperature is normal, elevated or high based on the age of the user.

Three Tech Gadgets I'm Currently Obsessed With Photography: Erica Hampton
Three Tech Gadgets I'm Currently Obsessed With Photography: Erica Hampton

My kids love it because taking their temperature is the last thing they want to do when they're not felling well. I love it because it's extremely sanitary. It doesn't go in anyone's mouth and I can use it on the next child immediately. 

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Next, I'm obsessed with the Nokia Health Steel. I think it's so perfect to start to use now that we're getting into the holidays while trying to stay healthy. This watch syncs up with the Nokia Health Mate app  so you can track your steps, sleep analysis and calories burned. It's a fitness tracker from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep. It's so cool because I've gotten my friends hooked and we're able to challenge each other in the app. If you're that person who needs a special reminder to take the stairs instead of the elevator, this one is for you. No to mention- the watches come in four different finishings:  Black, White, Rose Gold (my favorite) and Full Black. The wristband options are endless and you're able to customize it as you please. 

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Lastly, we have the holy grail... the mack daddy of gadgets: The Nokia Health Body. The Nokia Health Body gives you the weight tracking experience of your dreams. If you or you know someone who is striving to lose some weight before or even after the holidays, this is the gadget you or they need. Not only does it weigh you (boring), but it will calculate your BMI, monitor your baby's weight *while you are holding them* and shows a trend screen of your last 8 weigh-ins. All of this gets sent back to your app, where you can also log your  food with the nutrition tracking feature. Oh, and it tells the weather. I mean... what can't this guy do?! 

I don't know about you guys, but I want to enter 2018 with a healthier and cleaner mindset for both myself and my family. These three gadgets do just that. I hope that you love them just as much as I do. 

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Big thanks to Nokia Health for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own. Let me know if you've given these products a try in the comments below! 

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