Chic and Casual Airport Look + A Look Inside My Carry On 

Okay so today I’m heading to New York to kick off my book tour… I can’t believe Everyday Chic is officially out TOMORROW, October 10th! I know how uncomfortable traveling can be… trust me I’ve been on some rough flights in my life. I want to share with you some tricks I’ve learned to make that flight just a little more bearable. 


One thing I cannot stress enough… you will not be comfortable on a flight if you’re not wearing comfortable pants! Also, I always make a point to pick a dark color because you never know when your little ones are going to spit up, spill or drop something on you. For this trip in particular, I’m going solo but I still like to stick with darker colors because this momma can sometimes spill on herself. 

Secondly, I need a comfy sweatshirt. This one has the chicest details… notice the gold zippers and faux fur. It’s perfect to be cozy on a flight to New York because we’re leaving so early (6 AM!!!!) and we all know how planes can be extremely chilly. 

I’m not gonna lie… I look absolutely horrendous when I go on flights, hence the dark sunglasses. I don’t wear makeup because I constantly apply moisturizer, eye cream and even sometimes a sheet mask on the plane. I’ll get some weird looks from people sitting next to me but hey… flights can really mess up this momma’s skin! As you mommas know, it’s the only time we get five hours to ourselves—we have to take advantage of it! ;) 


Another tip I have is to always put your toiletries and makeup back in your carry on—it’s the absolute worst when your bag gets lost for a day or so and you don’t have any of your products. I love to put all of my necessities in my Goyard duffle bag. 


Here’s what’s in my carry on:

I’m so excited for this book tour… you can catch me on Dr. Oz, Today Show, Harry Connick Jr., AOL, Associated Press, BuzzFeed and more! Follow my socials to keep up! 

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