A Chic & Spooky Entryway For Fall

It wouldn’t be a holiday in our home without going all out on the decorations. And since Halloween is right around the corner, it’s time to get festive! In my new book, Everyday Chic, I talk a lot about how easy it is to bump everything up a step.

photography by  Erica Hampton

photography by Erica Hampton

If you normally just do pumpkins, paint them. Replace your orange bulb lights in the trees with some lanterns. The key to holiday decorating isn’t about spending a lot of time or money. It all comes down to the little details that will really stand out.  

Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall

This year, it’s all about the entryway. Even if we don’t plan on entertaining, I love coming home everyday to a fun change of decor. I’ll normally play around with bright oranges and a warm color palette for the fall season but I wanted to switch it up this year with a cool metallic. The theme? Just as chic as it is spooky. The best part? It’s easier than it looks. 

So, let’s start with the pumpkins. All you need is metallic paint and a little creativity. I chose to use real pumpkins but if you want them to last until next year, opt for the faux. You can find all different shapes and sizes at the craft store. Painting pumpkins has always been my go-to with the kids, instead of carving. They still have fun and I don’t have to worry about a chopped off finger. Win, win. 

Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall



Faux pumpkins

Copper Metallic paint

Gold metallic paint 

White metallic paint

Silver metallic paint 


For the bats and cats, you just need a template. No artistic skill needed! Trace the shape onto black cardstock paper, cut with an x-acto knife, and glue to a black painted bamboo stick. Easy, right? Click on the images below for the templates and supplies. 

In my opinion, no entryway would be complete without a wreath. So I looked no further than my ultimate crafting inspiration/Everyday Chic contributor, Nicola Vruwink. Her company, Poni, has helped us create some amazing decor for us, especially for the kids’ parties. I mean, how perfect is this wreath for the spooky chic theme? Click here for the steps on how to make your own! 

Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall


  1. Cover a basic blank foam wreath with black tissue paper 
  2. Disassemble black, maroon, and gold wood chip pumpkins into smaller pieces. Glue onto the tissue paper. You can find these at most major craft stores such as Joanne’s. 
  3. Add and glue gold berry stems and bats on the bamboo sticks within the wood chips 
  4. Tie a ribbon on the top of the wreath to hang.
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall

Grab a few hay bales at the pumpkin patch or local nursery and you’re good to go! A well-decorated entryway also doubles as an adorable backdrop for Halloween photos of the kids. And, as mommas, we all know how important that is! 

2017 - 09 - 28 Molly Sims -550.jpg

Since my kids insist on playing dress-up the entire month of October, we got our practice in. Here’s a peek into our impromptu photo shoot in front of our newly decorated entryway. It may look picture perfect but what you don’t see is the total meltdown 2 out of the 3 kids had after. Oh, well! It happens. 

Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall
Molly Sims Chic & Spooky Entryway for Fall



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