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Let’s Talk About… Anything

You asked! I’ve answered! I am SO excited to start my new blog series, Let’s Talk About. I love hearing from everyone and reading all of your questions on social media, so I wanted to create a home for all of them here on the blog. 

Here’s how it works. Every other week, I’ll be announcing a specific theme of questions that I’ll answer. This will be everything from motherhood to beauty to my new book. To submit, you can either email your questions to, ask directly on my site here or post a comment on any of my social channels. 

To kick it off, I thought it would be a good idea to start off with Let’s Talk About… Anything. I received a lot of good ones so I couldn’t post them all. I’ll be answering the rest in the next few weeks so keep a lookout. 

Let’s get started… 


1) Do you have any cut the crave snacks that you always keep with you?

I’ve always been into keeping almonds inside every bag I own…and even in my car. I buy the organic ones that are individually wrapped at Whole Foods with the pre-measured serving size. It’s a great protein choice for when you need some energy throughout the day. They also keep me full so I’m not tempted to hit a drive-through so that’s definitely another plus. Pre-cut carrots or cucumbers with some hummus is also a great choice. It’s all about the fiber and protein.

2) What do you buy for kids food, where do you buy it and what are good healthy recipes for the week?

Feeding a family is a lot of work! Even in a pinch, I try to choose real foods over packaged or processed. I tend to buy most of my fresh groceries, like eggs and meat, at Whole Foods to keep it all organic. Chicken tenders are always a go-to for my kids. I’ll buy some fresh chicken breast at the counter, cut it up into strips, bread them, and cook on the stovetop. A brand called Ian’s has a great gluten-free and all-natural panko breadcrumb that I use. That will normally last us for a few days. For organic snacks or dry foods, I always buy online on either Amazon or Thrive Market. They have Annie’s Cheddar Bunnies, fruit snacks, all of it. It’s cheaper that way, too! Anything your kids love, they probably have in bulk. 

For recipes, I’m actually sharing a TON of them in my new book, Everyday Chic, that comes out on Oct. 10th of this year. Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks. They are all easy to prepare ahead of time or “one-pot meals” as I like to call them. You’ll find them all in in the book. Can’t wait for you to see 🙂 

superfood family rules have fun.jpg

Kid Snacks 4.jpg

3) When you are traveling do you enjoy yourself and try that pasta in Italy or do you still stick to the same diet and exercise routine? 

Honestly, it depends. When I was trying to lose my baby weight with Grey, I was strict. We went to Cabo for my birthday and I didn’t even eat a chip. I almost died. That guacamole is too good! Other than that, I let myself enjoy. Vacation is for relaxing, recharging and exploring the culture of a new place (that includes the food!) We were just in Italy and you better believe I had my share of pasta and gelato. It’s all about balance. For exercise, I never hit the gym on vacation. I’ll go for a walk on the beach or burn my calories sightseeing. It’s crazy how much it adds up! 


4) What is your favorite nude nail polish? 

Essie’s Ballet Slippers… hands down. It’s my all-time favorite. It’s the perfect nude with a slight touch of pink. If you’ve ever wondered what nude I’m wearing in a photo, I can bet it’s that. I even wore it on my wedding! 

5) What are the beauty products that stood the test of time for you? 

As long as I have Rodin lip balm for my lips and a glow on my cheeks, Nars eyeliner in Rue Bonaparte to tight line my lids, Bioderma micellar cleansing water to take all my makeup off, and Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge in Pale Pink… I’m good to go. Dior’s Diorshow mascara is another tried and true classic! 


6) What’s your #1 fertility tip? 

Be proactive. Even if you’ve never had any fertility trouble in the past, it’s still good to know your options. I ended up visiting my fertility doctor, Dr. Shahin Ghadir when I was still single. I hadn’t even met Scott yet! But I knew I wanted to have kids. Since I was a bit older, I ended up freezing my embryos with Scott as a backup insurance plan. Luckily, we got pregnant naturally but I think that’s partly because we weren’t stressed. So, keep your stress levels down. I think that really helps when it comes to fertility. Also, take care of your health. I drank Lori Bregman’s fertility smoothie daily when I was trying. Get the recipe here

Molly Sims Fertility Smoothie - photo by Erica Hampton

Molly Sims Laurie Bregman Fertility Smoothie

7) What support do you think is the most valuable to you now that you have 3 babies? Is it having a housekeeper, nanny/babysitter, someone to help with meals? 

I definitely have help and I’m not afraid to admit it. Being a mom is tough especially with a crazy and sometimes spontaneous work schedule. Having a nanny provides me the security to know that when I’m working or traveling that my kids are being well cared for and loved. They become a part of the family. I think as mothers we feel we fail if we ask for help or need help. But, it’s just not true. It takes a village, people!


8) How was your experience on Las Vegas?

The absolute best. I still feel lucky for the opportunity to have been on a great show like Las Vegas. Not only did it have a five-year run (which was basically unheard of) but the cast became like family to me. I still catch up with Josh Duhamel to this day! Taking the leap from modeling to hosting to acting was terrifying but the cast and directors taught me everything I know. 

TNT TV Las Vegas Series Cast - Molly Sims

Something I’ll never forget? The first time I acted alongside James Caan. Josh and I were definitely inexperienced compared to him so he could be super hard on us. We had to prove ourselves which made us better actors. He always used to tell us, “If you get nervous, that means you are invested. You should always get nervous no matter how good you get or how long you do this.” I still remind myself of that sentiment. Overall, such a great experienced and I feel blessed! 

Next up? Let’s talk motherhood! Email me your questions at Can’t wait to hear from you! 

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