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My Post #BikiniAfterBaby Recap With Kelly LeVeque + Final Measurements

So, I have some exciting news! For the past 12 weeks, I’ve been working hard with my nutritionist, Kelly LeVeque, with a major goal in mind: getting bikini ready after baby. And, guess what!? This momma has LOST THAT BABY WEIGHT! I am so freakin’ excited I could scream!

As someone who was in the modeling industry, I’m no stranger to dieting and discipline. I lived that way for years. Instead of feeling good about my body, I’d end up feeling exhausted and unsatisfied. To lose my baby weight this time around, I decided to take a different approach and I’m so glad I did.

Was it still tough at times? Absolutely. I flew to Mexico for my 44th birthday and didn’t eat one chip or bite of guacamole. Like, do you know how hard that is? I’ve never met a guacamole I didn’t like. I was allowed to drink margaritas and glasses of rose, though. As Kelly says, “it’s a choice, not a cheat.” Pick that one thing you love (within moderation!) and don’t feel guilty for it. If it keeps you sane…just be good everywhere else!

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

photo credit: Erica Hampton Photography

Okay, so let me recap you on Kelly’s plan if you haven’t been following on the blog. These past 12 weeks, I followed Kelly’s Fab 4 plan by the books (other than my glass of rose for sanity!) The Fab 4 consists of proteins, greens, fiber, and fat on every plate, at every meal. When eaten together, these nutrients turn off all hunger hormones in your body and elongate your blood sugar curve which keeps you satisfied for longer. Without fat, especially, you are more likely to grab for the junk.

The plan also gives you the freedom to make the choices you want and helps you focus on what your body needs without ever having food anxiety or feeling like you’re on a diet. Kelly always suggested filling my plate first and then if I wanted something that would spike my blood sugar like a dessert or rice at dinner, I could think of it as my “plus one.”

Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that Kelly’s recipes are the most delicious thing you’ve ever tasted. Her smoothies, too! I loved having that option especially when I was on the go or didn’t have time to cook a meal. (I’m sharing them all at the bottom of the blog, along with Kelly’s tips, so you can follow along and try them out for yourself!)


And, now for my results. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my modeling days, it’s that a scale means nothing. If you truly want to know your progress, you have to measure. It’s the first thing Kelly did when she came over. A scale can be misleading. Even something as simple as a bad night’s sleep or water retention can effect the number and then you might get frustrated and quick. It really shows you what happens body composition wise.

If you don’t want to physically measure, just use a pair of jeans that you are dying to fit into. Nothing gives you that needed boost of motivation like seeing them get a little looser week by week.

March 6th (first measurement after baby): 

Arms: 11.4 in

Waist: 31 in

Hips: 39.6 in

Legs- 20.6 in

April 4th: 

Arms: 10.7 in

Waist: 29.5 in

Hips: 39.2 in

Legs: 20.3 in

June 12th (the final measurement): 

Arms: 9.7 in

Waist: 27.4 in

Hips: 36.4 in

Legs: 18.8 in

Total Lost:

Arms: 1.8 in. off each arm. 3.6 in. total

Waist: 12.6 in.

Hips: 4.6 in.

Legs: 2.7 off each arm. 5.4 in total


See what I mean?! Not starving yourself does the body good! It’s all about holding yourself accountable. If you can’t tell, I’m obsessed with Kelly’s plan and it seriously works. This isn’t an advertisement. Just look at those results! I couldn’t be more excited!


If you want to follow along with the plan, check out my links at the bottom of the page and definitely make sure to pick up a copy of Kelly’s new book, Body Love, which comes out on 6/27 (preorder here!) It’s all about getting away from those quick fixes and fad diets. Her tips are amazing!


photo credit: Braedon Flynn Photography

photo credit: Braedon Flynn Photography

To follow along with my plan, click on the recipe links + tips below:

Week 1-

Recipe: Chicken Fab Pho + A Spa Smoothie

Tips: Healthy Fats Decoded

Week 2-

Recipe: Saucy Paleo Meatballs + Blueberry Muffin Smoothie

Tips: Healthy Proteins Decoded

Week 3-

Recipe: Freezer Fudge

Tips: Healthy Carbs Decoded

Week 4-

Recipe: Cauliflower Avocado Salad + Green Acai Smoothie

Tips: Healthy Swaps While Traveling

Week 5-

Recipe: Spicy Salmon Nori Burrito + Coconut Creme Smoothie

Tips: Healthy Swaps While Eating Out

Week 6-

Recipe: Be Well Mojito Smoothie

Tips: My Hacks For Eating Healthy At Home

Week 7-

Recipe: Coconut Cauliflower Rice Bowl

Tips: How To Stop Snacking Like A Toddler

Week 8-

Recipe: Pesto Spinach Turkey Burgers With Red Pepper Tomato Sauce

Tips: Protein Bars Decoded

Week 9-

Tips: Coffee Drinks Decoded

Week 10-

Recipe: Tuscan Kale & White Bean Soup

Week 11-

Recipe: Peanut Carrot Salad With Spicy Shrimp

Week 12-

Recipe:Green Apple Smoothie

If anyone followed along on Kelly’s plan with me on the blog, let me know! I want to hear all about your success stories. We are in this together, people! Also make sure to follow Kelly on her Instagram & blog, Be Well By Kelly for updates. 

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