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#MOMGOALS: Dinnertime Tips For Kids With Catherine McCord

I consider myself lucky. My kids LOVE to eat! Especially my little “chunky monkey” Scarlett. That girl can double fist a chicken tender like no one’s business! Dinnertime can still be a hassle though. Can anyone else relate!?
Just to give you an example, here are just a few of the most recent “dinner table-isms” that have almost driven me to the brink of insanity: 

1. The night that Brooks decided he randomly didn’t like chicken. And, guess what? Monkey see monkey do. So, Scarlett decided she also didn’t like chicken. What was for dinner? Chicken tenders. What did they want the next day? Chicken tenders. OH, HELP ME!

2. Out of ALL the plates in the entire kitchen, Brooks and Scarlett always want the same one. It’s a wooden one that’s shaped like a monkey. This plate has caused quite a brawl before. So, what did momma have to do? Buy a second monkey plate. You gotta do what you gotta do! Compromise.

photo credit:  Erica Hampton  

photo credit: Erica Hampton 

Luckily, there are ways to make dinnertime less of a hassle on anyone. You just have to learn from the professionals! On this month’s #MOMGOALS, Catherine McCord of Weelicious and One Potato is sharing her tips. I’ve known Catherine for YEARS and her cookbook + recipes on Weelicious are a life saver with kids. Simple, delicious, and easy! As someone who didn’t really know how to cook before she got married, I needed all the help I could get!


Catherine, take it away…

Dinnertime is a cherished time in our home. Between 3 children with totally different schedules, 2 parents working and everyone having varied food preferences it’s enough to make you go a bit crazy. Over the past 9 years, one of my biggest goals has been to make meals a relaxing, enjoyable experience for all of us. Here are a few tips that are a great start to meal time success:


1. Have A Plan: 

Whether it’s menu planning for the week, prepping on the weekends to make sure you have a few favorites on hand, or having dinner sent to your front door, knowing what you’ll serve is key. Keep a list of your families favorite meals on your phone or notebook with grocery lists attached, so there’s no guess work involved in what you’ll make for dinner.

2. Get Everyone Involved: 

Getting everyone in the kitchen doesn’t mean your kitchen will turn into mayhem, but it can build habits that will last a lifetime. Give everyone a “fun” job like chopping, stirring, setting the table, pouring water or drawing place cards for your dinner party. Every night should somehow feel special and fun. Most important get the phones off the table, turn the tv off and make mealtime quality time to catch up on each other’s days.

3. Keep Everyone Engaged: 

Dinnertime can be especially challenging for little kids who don’t have long attention spans. Create fun games like the “machine game” where everyone has to pick a machine in the house and let each other take turns guessing clues until someone figures it out. It can be a funny way to keep everyone at the table eating, laughing and engaging with one another.

To make dinnertime even easier, make sure to check out Catherine’s meal box from One Potato! It takes the grocery shopping out of the prep which is definitely my least favorite part! (More info


!) To get $25 off your first box, use the code MOLLY25! 



 How do you make dinnertime easier with kids? Comment below! I’d love to read your tips! 

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